The Reaching Beyond Experience – 2020 Mastermind

6 Months that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

During your rise to high achievement…

  • Do you question the career you’re in or your future path?
  • Are you unable to make a career change due to the long hours and constant demands of your profession that force you to show up even when you are exhausted? 
  • Are your intimate and personal relationships feeling disconnected and unsatisfying because you can’t muster up the energy to do one more thing when you get home?
  • Do you crave connection with other powerful like-minded professionals, but are unsure where to find them?
  • Do you forget to celebrate the big wins because there is always more to do?

…and do you wish you could 

  • Refocus your priorities to have a more fulfilling life?
  • Build deeper connections with growth mindset people who love to achieve?
  • Jump out of your routine and get a new perspective on the life you truly want and how your work fits into it?

As successful as you are at work, you want to be equally successful OUTSIDE of work; As a husband, maybe as a dad, as a friend, and as it relates to keeping your health/wellness on point.


I am a lot like you!  In 2015 I reached rock bottom in my professional life.  I was BURNED OUT!  And that permeated into ALL categories of my life.  Putting so much time and energy into work (that was unfulfilling), I had no energy left to show up as the husband I wanted to be.  I had no energy to stay on top of my health either.  

That’s when I stopped prioritizing being successful at work at the cost of success and fulfillment outside of work.  I left corporate America and started designing a life based around fulfillment, balance and work-life rhythm.  Since that rock bottom, a lot has changed.

On top of a significant increase in joy, peace and fulfillment… I’ve completed an Ironman, my wife and I paid off the mortgage on our house (24 years early), I’ve taken a mini-retirement to stay home with our son, AND I started a business designed around using my story/gifts. 

The Reaching Beyond Experience Mastermind was created to provide you with tools, knowledge, access to experts, coaching and recharging adventures.  The community is focused on success and fulfillment at work AND outside of work.  In a nutshell, it’s a virtual mastermind that INCLUDES a two night destination adventure.


A Little More Detail…

  • We kick off the 6 months with a teaching on a goal setting framework.  Thereafter, we’ll come together once a month for an accountability video call to ensure you are taking the action steps you commit to.  This is where the rubber meets the road!  This process will bring you clarity, help you take action, and provide a level of accountability to move you forward!
  • Once a month you’ll have the chance to learn from hand selected experts that are having success and fulfillment in their work but they aren’t doing it at the cost of fully living life outside of work.  Hear their story.  Learn their systems.  Ask your burning questions!
  • 1:1 coaching:  Kyle Depiesse will provide 2 coaching sessions throughout this program.

There’s tremendous value in those above points that make up the virtual mastermind portion of this program…BUT, there’s more…

  • You get a TWO night highly specialized and curated destination experience that focuses on recharging and refueling.  Just like the Fall 2019 experience, this will be held along the breathtaking shores of Lake Superior just north of Duluth in mid May of 2020.  Your room (in an upgraded room category), private dinners and all other food/drink will be included!

    We held a 2 night experience on the North Shore of MN in mid-October earlier this year.  Here’s a video recap to give you an idea of what to expect!








Chris Harder – “For the Love of Money” podcast host, Multi 7 figure mindset and business coach, and Philanthropist.

Brooks Hollan – Licensed Sports Nutritionist, Olympic Time Trials Qualifier, Naval Academy Graduate, and High Level Executive Business Coach.

Rob Murgatroyd – Former doctor turned lifestyle entrepreneur, “Work Hard Play Hard” podcast host and Work Hard Play Hard Mastermind creator and founder.

AND 2 MORE to be named later!

You’re a GREAT Fit if You Meet These Criteria:

High Performing – You’re kicking butt!  Working professional for at least 10 years with the desire to invest in yourself.

Curious –
Desire to learn from others.

Energetic – FUN, active and want to support others.

Adventurous – Inspired by and open to new things.

Here’s what participants from the Fall 2019 experience had to say:






We are NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS!  This group will be intentionally exclusive in size, a max of 8!  Early Bird Pricing goes from November 6th through November 24th.  Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch to learn more about you and see if you are a great fit!