Golf and NASCAR Experience

Join a group of like-minded, high performing men and have conversations that matter as you enjoy a bucket-list experience that includes 3 nights at Pinehurst and a half day experience with the most dynamic and diverse pit crew in NASCAR! Sponsored by Vortic Watch Company.

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Dog Sledding Experience

No name tags or lanyards. No hotel conference rooms. No workbooks.

No awkward conversations or hype music while you wait for the convention to start either. If you’ve been to a workshop, conference or event recently I’m guessing you’ve experienced this too. The experiences I’m creating are the exact opposite of all of that!

Experience Community

Experience Connection

Experience Adventure

Reflect, Reset, Recharge

Kyle Depiesse

Re-framing work-life balance to work-life rhythm


Helping you balance a meaningful life with a life filled with achievements.

Because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your personal balance sheet for your professional balance sheet.

Work-Life Rhythm Video Training!

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I've learned the secret to sustaining high performance is in designing your own unique work-life RHYTHM! From paying off almost $400k in debt to training for and finishing an Ironman, this simple system has allowed me to not just achieve success and sustain it, but also ENJOY the process!

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Weekly guest conversations and solo episodes designed to bring YOU practical tools and inspiration to align who you are with what you do and find the optimal rhythm for your work and life.

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Kyle Depiesse

Experience Creator

I’m from a small town in Wisconsin and I relocated to the Twin Cities in 2005. I married my wife, Lois, in January of 2013. And we welcomed our son, Cal, into the world in March of 2017.