Digital Detox Weekend

These getaways are the gateway to making sure you rest, recharge, and gain a new perspective on life!

Friday February 21st – Sunday February 23rd, 2020
Host resort:  Larsmont Cottages


Here are a few statistics that might (or might not) surprise you:

  • 69% of smartphone users check their phone within 5 MINUTES of waking up.
  • 2 hours and 51 minutes is the average time spent on a smartphone in ONE DAY.
  • The average user will tap, swipe or click their smartphone 2,617 times in ONE DAY.
  • Research and studies show that phone usage dependence can impact both physical and mental health attributes of your daily life (anxiety, stress, narcissism, depression/loneliness, sleep deprivation).

You get the idea. We have an addiction to our smartphones.

This 2 night experience will bring like-minded people together (max 10) at a beautiful setting to enjoy connection without distraction (no phones!). We’ll enjoy an exclusive 5 course meal prepared by the head chef in the cottages for a welcome dinner on the first night. As a group, we’ll explore how we can implement a plan and boundaries around devices and media usage. And much more.

Who is this for? Anyone! Men, women, all ages, all professions. If you feel the need for a break for a device this might be a great option for you!

Price?  $750 and will include all food and drink and guided learning and discussion sessions. You’ll need to book the room on your own (I’d suggest the Lakeside Suite for a view of the big lake and your own fireplace!). 

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