Work-Life Rhythm

Work-Life Rhythm

No doubt you’ve heard of work-life balance.  Most people laugh at the notion of it because it’s not sustainable.

If you’re like me and driven by accomplishments and success, you sometimes forget that rest is equally as important.  As an entrepreneur or workplace professional, we wear all the hats.  Do all the things.  There’s ALWAYS more to be done.

That’s a slippery slope that could likely lead to resentment, cynicism and will spill over and affect other areas of our life.

What if we shoot for work-life RHYTHM instead of balance?

Do you play golf? I do. Well, I try to. I can hit my drive pretty far. But when it comes to putting, you can put me down for a 3 putt more often than not.   🙂

In order to put together a good golf score, you need to master both the long game and the short game.

Sustaining high performance can also be looked at in this way. It requires mastering focused work and deep refueling. I don’t call it work-life balance, I call it work-life rhythm.

Periods of intense and focused work MUST be followed by periods of deep refueling and recharging. Put them both together, like the long and short game of golf, and you’ll master the game!

So obviously I haven’t mastered my golf game (…yet!), but I have mastered a system that has instilled work-life rhythm.  It’s a system I developed that I’ve used to create family memories, work boundaries and containers, non-negotiables to protect healthy habits and MORE!

Lately, I’ve found myself teaching this system to others because they too have realized that there’s no amount of success at work that covers up for a failure at home.  And the feedback that I keep getting is it’s wildly FUN, super SIMPLE, and totally EFFECTIVE!

And because I know what it’s like to struggle being out of balance and having no rhythm between life and work, AND because I know many others are struggling just like I was, I’ve made it my mission to help as many people with this that I can with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

If you’d like I would love to send it to you, just tell me where to send it below!

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I've learned the secret to sustaining high performance is in designing your own unique work-life RHYTHM! From paying off almost $400k in debt to training for and finishing an Ironman, this simple system has allowed me to not just achieve success and sustain it, but also ENJOY the process!

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