Bucket List Experience With Priceless Networking

Bucket List Experience With Priceless Networking

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Designed to help high-performing, successful men connect, move forward and bring fulfillment in all categories of life!

We don’t have to sacrifice our personal balance sheet for our professional one…

Do you laugh at the notion of work-life balance?

When’s the last time you did something for yourself to celebrate your success, milestones or achievements?  (If you’re anything like me it’s few and far between!)

Do you wish you could have better conversations with like-minded men but have trouble finding the right guys to do it with?

Have you struggled with creativity and new idea generation for your work?

When’s the last time you crossed something off your bucket list and celebrated your accomplishments?

I’ve found that no amount of success at work covers up for a failure at home.

“Sunset fatigue” is often referred to as the exhausted state in which many arrive at home at the end of the day.  And it’s something I struggled with for a long time.  Our family and our health often suffer because our cup is empty.

As leaders at work and leaders in our home, we inadvertently give our loved ones what little is left over.  The irony is if this continues you could lose everything you’re working so hard for, including those you love the most!

This was the path I was on and I decided to do something about it!  I decided to prioritize taking care of myself, making recharging a must, and creating experiences that pull me out of my routine and force me into connection, fun and play.

And I can tell you my personal life AND professional life have never been better as a result!  I call this work-life rhythm.

My mission is to help high performing men step into work-life rhythm.

If you’re struggling with this the same way I was, read on, I’VE GOT YOU!

In order to achieve and SUSTAIN success, periods of intense and focused work are required.  We must acknowledge that we’ll have seasons of long hours and days.  But we sometimes forget that rest, fun, play, and recharging are equally as important.  That’s where this experience come in!

I’ve created a life changing, bucket-list quality container for men to step into and connect with other like-minded men in a non-judgmental and fun way!  This next experience is hosted at the FAMOUS golf course Pinehurst in North Carolina (ranked #16 IN THE WORLD according to Golf Digest).  I encourage you to JOIN ME and 10-15 other high performing men October 11th – 14th, 2020.

A little more detail on how I plan to blow your mind and change your life:

  • 3 nights of lodging included at the 4 Diamond Holly Inn at Pinehurst.  Built in 1895 this historic property is located at the heart of the village!  With only 82 guest rooms, this intimate and unique accommodation will NOT disappoint.
  • 3 rounds of golf at the famous Pinehurst golf course ranked #16 in the world!
  • 3 private dinners filled with amazing cuisine and epic, guided conversations for the group.
  • A half day NASCAR experience where you’ll train shoulder to shoulder with a professional pit crew (YES you’ll be on the track!) and experience pitting a race car as a team in a simulated competition (prizes for the winners…!).  YOU CAN NOT GET THIS EXPERIENCE ANYWHERE ELSE!
  • All breakfasts included.
  • A chance to win a Vortic Watch from our sponsor valued at $3,999!
  • And MUCH more (hey, I have to leave a few surprises!).

In order to create this highly curated experience, the group will intentionally be kept small and intimate.  Several spots are already committed for, so do not delay in filling out the application below to get in touch to make sure you’re a great fit for the group!

Here’s how you know if you’re a great fit for this experience:

  • Highly driven:  both professionally and personally and you want to find a way to have it all.
  • Connection-minded:  this is for the guy who wishes there were more like-minded guys to connect with and confide in.
  • Collaboration seeking:  You’re the kind of guy that will play all out in these experiences and are willing to share your strengths, the same way others will with you.
  • Successful:  this experience is an investment in your growth (personally and professionally) and part of the magic is bringing together men who have endured and weathered challenges in all areas of life.

I know what some of you are thinking, don’t worry, you don’t have to be an avid or good golfer.  There will be guys attending with a wide range of ability, and one of the perks is that the course pro will be giving us free lessons.  This is a judgment free zone!

By now if you’re still reading I know you’re probably a great fit for this.  Fill out the form below and then we’ll jump on the phone immediately to see if you’re a great fit!


(don’t worry, all social distancing measures will be a priority, this is guaranteed to be a safe event)

Golf and NASCAR