Dog Sledding – SOLD OUT

Dog Sledding – SOLD OUT

No name tags or lanyards. No hotel conference rooms.
No workbooks. No awkward conversations.
No hype music while you wait for the convention to start.

If you’ve been to a workshop, conference or event recently I’m guessing you’ve experienced this too.

The experiences I’m creating are the exact opposite of all of that!

See for yourself in the video below from our last experience on the north shores of MN:

And I found there’s real power to creating a container for men to step into in order to step out of their work and lives so that they can slow down all that’s going on in our head.

There’s a lot of responsibility we shoulder. It’s refreshing to put that weight down and along with other like-minded guys and enjoy a little adventure!

So I created another experience. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do… dog sledding!

When’s the last time you got away, slowed everything down and spent time outside? Really connected with yourself. As a business owner (or anyone with real world, real heavy responsibilities) you need to schedule time in for yourself. Hear it from Andrew, a fitness business owner.

The need for a business owner to schedule time away.

March 7 – 10 in the northern woods of Minnesota … DOG SLEDDING!

Have you ever been dog sledding? Did you know that such a thing exists?

Well, it does. And it’s pretty epic. We’re curating a small, exclusive group experience that will involve 1 full day out and back and 2 half days on the trails. All your food, drink, park passes and dog sledding is covered. Just get yourself there and everything else is taken care of.

If you think it will be too cold in northern MN in March, don’t be a baby. The average temperature is mid 20’s that time of year, dress appropriately! If you’re still concerned, we’ll have whiskey tasting to help you stay warm!

Because it’s hard to get photos while experiencing something like this, we’ll have someone on hand to snap a few action shots to show your buddies what they missed out on!

Who is this for?

Men that are in careers that are demanding of time and energy and sometimes forget they need to take care of themselves and have a little fun. Business owners, sales wizards, leaders, anyone interested in adventures, and those seeking personal growth opportunities.

This isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for ways to 10x your revenue or scale your business, I can recommend great strategic coaches and workshops. If you’re looking for ways to 10x your fulfillment and sense of adventure. This might be for you! If you’re interested in learning more, fill out the form below and we’ll talk!

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