About Me

I’m from a small town in Wisconsin and I relocated to the Twin Cities in 2005.  I married my wife, Lois, in January of 2013.  And we welcomed our son, Cal, into the world in March of 2017.

My Story

I’m a 13 year veteran from the business world.  My experience spans over several different industries and businesses.  To sum up my time in the corporate world, I felt that it was one big rat race to get that “next job”.  And I usually got that job, but it came at the expense of countless extra hours, my health and my sanity.  As I kept moving up, I felt more lost than before.

But why?  I was doing what I was told to do in order to be successful; put your head down and work hard.  Be the first one in and the last one to leave.  That leads to exhaustion and complete burn out!  I was miserable.  And I was making everyone around me miserable.

I learned a thing or two about managing seasons of life.  Even while training for and finishing my first Ironman race, even while on the path to paying off a mortgage (24 years early).  A season of intense focus and hard work MUST be balanced with a season of deep refueling and recharging. There’s a rhythm to work and life. There’s not balance.

And to me, that looks like going to places surrounded by beauty that draw out my creativity and high level thinking.  I surround myself with people that are growing and we have deep conversations over a great glass of pinot noir!  Because we don’t get our most creative and industry changing ideas while sitting behind our computers, laptops or iPhone screens…

From that, The Reaching Beyond Experience was created.

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