99 Days to Money Momentum

99 Days to Money Momentum

More money, more control, more freedom, and more abundance!

Have you ever wondered where all your hard earned money goes?  I see you working hard, making good money, but maybe you just can’t seem to get ahead of the cycle and create REAL abundance.

You’re not alone in this.  In fact, this was exactly how I felt not that long ago.

Let me share a little of my story with you, I’d be willing to guess you can find yourself in this story too.

I made good money in my corporate jobs.  My wife did too.  And I was the one in charge of the day to day financial items (budget, paying the bills, etc).  But no matter how much money we made, it always felt as though the bills were just as much, if not more, and we didn’t have anything left over.

Out of desperation, trying to put together some sort of financial plan, I decided to look up my lifetime earnings on the Social Security website.  Did you know you can do that?  When I saw that I had made over 1 million dollars (and so did my wife) I was confused, frustrated and angry.

WHERE DID IT ALL GO!  We had no money to show for it, as a matter of fact, we were almost $400,000 in debt with our mortgage.  And any disruption to our income (job loss) and we’d be sunk!

After that major blow to my ego, I decided that we needed support and a system to help us develop a plan to get out of debt and start living with more FREEDOM.  We followed a proven financial plan, mostly.

The problem with that is we focused TOO MUCH on reducing our lifestyle and that soon become our new normal.  We swung the pendulum so far that after we paid off all of our debt in 38 months, we struggled to spend any money.  What happened was we inadvertently developed a scarcity mindset and we were driven by the thought that we would slip back into the vicious cycle of “as soon as we make it we spend it”.   We thought this was too good to be true.  This is what ALL THE OTHER PROGRAMS don’t teach you.  Money mindset MUST be a part of the formula!

Can you find yourself in that story?  If you can, I’m here to tell you it’s NOT your fault.  We have the best intentions with our money, but our money mindset was formed at a young age.  And those that helped shape it also had good intentions.

Have you ever found yourself repeating these phrases:

  • We can’t afford it.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • It takes money to make money.
  • I’ll always have some sort of debt.

You can keep doing what you’re doing and keep getting what you’re getting.  That’s what I did for YEARS.  Wondering, when is it ever going to change?  When will I catch my lucky break?  I can tell you from experience that you’re future will change when YOU change!

As you probably know, many people set out to make changes to their finances.  They buy courses, books, programs, etc.  But many people fail at them.  Perhaps you have too.  And quite honestly, you can find debt payoff plans and systems simply by Googling them.  This is only a fraction of the success formula.

I’ve found that you…
Have to play offense and defense!
Need to address your money mindset.
Need to develop a BIG audacious goal (otherwise what is it all for?).
Need accountability.

The 99 Days to Money Momentum is a non judgmental and safe group that will give you the education to confidently manage your money, give you the 1:1 attention to develop and stay accountable to a plan, and help shift from scarcity to abundance.

Take a minute to picture what your life would look like…

  • Making the last payment on your debt (hint: it’s pretty awesome!).
  • Sitting on the beach sipping a Rum Runner knowing you paid for your vacation with cash.
  • Sifting through investment opportunities because you are liquid enough to jump on them.

And how would it feel…

  • Knowing that if there is any disruption to pay or if you lost your job, you have a cushion of cash saved.
  • Being able to give to others in need without hesitating.
  • Creating a legacy for your family!

After enrolling in the 99 Days to Money Momentum and showing up in the group you’ll realize this is ALL possible for YOU!

What I left out in my story is when we started taking control of our finances and when we made the last payment on our debt, we turned our net worth around by ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  In 38 months!

I share that to inspire you to take action because you can author a turnaround in your story too.  It’s possible!  You can live a life with freedom and abundance!

It’s decision time.  Are you ready to completely transform your life?  The group will meet every other week for an hour starting on June 9th at 7:30pm.  If you’re ready, fill out this form below and let’s talk about it.


The information in this group coaching is priceless!  Applying the information you’ll learn will pay for the entire investment in multiples!  This is designed to be a “high touch” coaching group and it should be priced in the thousands.  In fact, these lessons cost me almost $400,000  🙂

But my mission is to help others avoid going down the same path that I went down.  So I’m making it more accessible!  When you join now it will be a one time investment of $891.  If you’d rather pay in 3 installments over the course of the program it will be an investment of 3 installments of $350.

Here’s an outline of the group coaching program:

– (7) 60 minute small group virtual lessons taught LIVE by Kyle (every other week starting June 9th).
– 90 minutes of private coaching with Kyle (valued at $750).
– One virtual call at the end of the 99 days to celebrate total money saved and debt eliminated!
– Private Facebook group for additional access and resources.


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