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Scorecards Should Include This Metric

Scorecards Should Include This Metric

How often do you smile?

Recording the number of times you smile can help you feel happier and more positive most of the time. It’s surprising how long it takes to reach ten or twenty smiles on your scorecard each day. This is why I don’t recommend counting up all the little annoyances, but rather focus on what makes you feel good.

Hey guys, welcome back to the Reaching Beyond podcast. This is another solo episode, and I’m recording while taking some time off with my family to enjoy the summer on a beautiful lake here in northern Minnesota. The weather has been great, so I spent more time with my family out on the water and sometimes meeting with friends. Having family time is something very much in line with my brand voice — encouraging everyone not to sacrifice their personal balance sheet for the professional balance sheet.

I have had a wonderful time with my son, Cal, playing golf. Every time I play golf, I normally track my scores on a scorecard. But in that game, we decided to do something different. Instead of keeping track of the score, my son tracked something else on the scorecard — smiles. And it got me thinking — why we don’t do more of this as adults? We often get so caught up in our performance scores that we forget to enjoy the smiles in life!

So I just wanted to share what transpired during the game that had me thinking of another metric that we should add to our scorecard of life.


The Metric to Add in the Scorecard of Life

We all have our own personal metrics of success. Some people measure their success by how much money they make, others look at how many hours they put in at work, and still, others base it off on the number of followers they accumulate on social media. 

The truth is, there are more metrics to consider, including your family life, friendships, school, relationships with co-workers, and so much more. One metric that I believe we should add to our scorecards in life is smiles.

A smile costs nothing but can mean everything when you’re feeling down or stressed out! It’s hard to remain happy when you’re not getting enough sleep or dealing with difficult people. But if you can take a moment just to smile at the curves and hills in life, you’ll enjoy the journey no matter the obstacles that come along the way. So, start counting the smiles just like that’s what Cal did when we played golf.


Adding Smiles to the Scorecard

I love golf, and as a father, just trying to get your child into doing something that you love personally is truly rewarding. That’s why I took Cal to play golf with me during our vacation.

Cal was quite interested in the scorecard during the game because he knew that I keep a score at the end of each hole. The score is usually the number of strokes that I took on a particular hole. But in that game, I decided not to track my scores and just focus on having a good time and having fun, laughing, and smiling. But Cal still wanted to keep the scorecard, so he tracked his smiles in every hole instead of tracking my scores. 

At the end of each hole, I would ask him what the score was. Fortunately, he did score some smiles in every hole. As I sat down and thought about what we did for a while, I realized that what Cal did may be “child’s stuff,” but I wondered if we too, as adults, could add smiles as part of our success metrics. 

Sometimes, we are so wrapped up in achieving an outcome, measuring results based on a number, that we often forget that it’s okay to have some fun. In fact, we should have fun. Having fun should be a goal. It should be a focus. It should be something that we are tracking and measuring regularly and willingly — not just at the end of long, hard workdays, but for every day we live and work.

Kyle's Son

We also need to spend some time with the kids and just remember what it’s like to religiously focus on having a good time, have some fun, and just put some smiles on the scorecard of life. And that’s what I wanted to share with you on this quick solo podcast. I just wanted to pass along a wonderful experience that I had with my son that provided me with a valuable lesson we can all apply to our everyday lives.

Although adding smile scores on your personal scorecard is simple and might seem a little silly, the result of knowing how many times you smile even during a bad day can make a difference in your life. It’s easy to forget how important it is to smile. 

They say that happiness can’t be bought but rather that it’s created. So if you’re not happy, then maybe it’s time that we start creating some happiness. In order for your life to be complete and fulfilled, you must have a positive outlook and take the necessary steps to change the negative outlook into a positive one, and a good way to start is to smile.

Cal’s scorecard was his fun. His metrics were smiles and silliness. And while he was not reaching for the stars in the traditional sense, his simple gestures of tracking the smile created a personal awakening during the game. While we ended our playtime in golf without glamorous scores in terms of strokes, we walked away from that experience smiling, happy, and having fun — all because of the smile scores we got.


Did You Score Some Smiles Today?


Every day, we are faced with a variety of challenges. Some days will be easier than others, and some will be downright difficult. However, when we make an effort to smile through the hard times and remember that life is short, it can make all the difference in how our day goes.

So, did you count your smiles today? Did you double-check that there was one smile at the end of a good conversation, one when you were feeling good about yourself, and finally one for yourself before bedtime? What about other people’s smiles? Did you take the time to smile at strangers or talk with someone new?  

Sometimes, we fail to notice that there are days we encounter many smiling faces and in turn, we smile and radiate more happiness. So make a point of counting your smiles today, and see how much better it makes you feel!

A smile is more than just an expression. It’s the feeling that comes with it — the happiness, joy, and contentment radiating from your face. There is something about smiling that brings out the best in you and everyone around you. So why not start today? Smile!


Interested In Learning More?

Guys, I hope this inspires you and encourages you to take action on your dreams by doing something a little bit different. I’d love to hear about it if you do. Feel free to find me on social media and share what you’re working on and how you’re going to add a little more fun to your journey and process. 

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Don’t forget — I’m rooting for you! Cheers to your success! 

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