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Fight For Brilliance with Justin Keller

Fight For Brilliance with Justin Keller

Are you stuck in the status quo and feeling unable to break free from a stagnant life without growth? Maybe it’s time to challenge yourself and make some changes. 

That said, if the idea of challenging the status quo makes you worry about being too much of a rebel or outlier, don’t worry: it won’t. Instead, being a challenger will make you brilliant — a topic today’s podcast guest knows a lot about!

Friends, I’m so excited to have Justin Keller on the Reaching Beyond podcast to share his inspiring insights with you all. He is an absolute blast! I knew Justin through Instagram, and my wife, Lois, also knew him during their days back in the wonderful and great state of North Dakota. I was a guest on his podcast once, and now he is on mine. In this episode, we talked about how to fight for brilliance, how to achieve balance when you are burned out, and more. So, let’s get into it!

Who is Justin Keller? 

First and foremost, Justin Keller is a dad. I really love that about him, because his priorities are in line with what we talked about when it comes to being a father. He is a Brand Strategist and the founder of Circle Fifty, which is a brand positioning firm that helps marketing strategies make branding personal, and positions them for success. He brings his passion to every project, and he’s not afraid to help brands break free from the status quo and the traditional rules they’ve inherited.

Justin Keller is also an author of the business book, Rebel Brands – New Rules For Brilliant Brands™, which is a book based on his popular branding system of the same name. He is currently working on another book, Human Always, which is a crowd-inspired book-writing experiment that allows you to participate and contribute your ideas for future chapters.

He has also written a kid’s book, the Red Giraffe That Wanted to Dance. Justin uses his books, podcasts, business, and the life he lives to help brands and individuals fight for brilliance in everything they do. I really enjoyed the fight for brilliance part.

What Does it Take to Fight for Brilliance?

Have you ever been to an event, or been in a business setting where you felt … out of place? Do you feel insecure being around people with degrees from prestigious schools, or with tons of accolades or achievements? If you have insecurities, you’re not alone. Many people feel the same way — including Justin.

“I didn’t go to college. I didn’t have a business degree. I didn’t grow up with all these savvy businessmen around me. I’ve got brothers who are in business, … but that wasn’t the path I chose. And so, I felt like I was out of place experiencing the goodness that I was having in my life.” – Justin Keller

It’s normal to feel insecure at times, and there will be days where you feel as though you can’t do anything right. However, feeling insecure all the time about yourself will eventually take a toll on many aspects of your life — physically, mentally, and emotionally. So, it’s important to manage these feelings. It can affect your self-confidence, your decision-making, and your performance at work. Justin also had the same struggles once. But one morning, during his regular running routine, he experienced a life-changing moment.

“On a run one morning, I felt like if only [people] knew how flawed I was and how much of a mess I was, would they still want me in this with them? And on that run, I just … had that intuition that … even amidst my mess, there is brilliance.” – Justin Keller

We may have a couple of weaknesses that make us feel insecure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t become great and successful. These insecurities are self-imposed barriers that will only hinder us from moving forward. 

For Justin, his lack of a college degree was the cause of his insecurities, initially creating a barrier to his personal growth and journey to success. However, a lack of a college degree is not a barrier to success at all. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft, are excellent proof that success does not require a college degree.

“It doesn’t mean I’m the best. It doesn’t mean I’m the most brilliant person. But my version of me in its fullness is brilliant. And so it was a fight to find that [brilliance] in my life. But it’s been a fight to also believe that and to live that out. And so, that started this journey of my own life, having to live out some of these principles. And it’s really rooted in two things: having the courage, and then also being consistent. Those two are the antidotes to complacency and conformity.” – Justin Keller

 To fight for brilliance, you must have the courage to make changes in your life regardless of any obstacles in your way or resistance you might come up against. Likewise, you have to be consistent, and regularly practice any new habits you’re adopting — daily, if possible. Both courage and consistency can keep you from becoming complacent and resorting to conformity.

“And so it was really me practicing …. and starting to see … how this impacts everything for the better. … It impacts me as a father. It impacts me as a business owner. And so, that’s where the fight for brilliance kind of came from.” – Justin Keller

How about you? What impacts you the most? The thing that impacts you the most is, perhaps, the best area in your life to start your fight for brilliance. But, whatever it is that you are fighting for brilliance, make sure that there is balance in your life to avoid burnout.

Achieving Balance in Life Without Burning Out

Working hard in your fight for brilliance is important — but that doesn’t mean you need to burn yourself out or sacrifice important things like relationships, family, or your health. Remember, without balance, success in one area of your life can lead to failure in another, like when we’re successful in our work — but at the expense of our bond with our family. 

“I think we’re trying to figure out what is right in real-time right now. … What works right now in a season might not work in another season, and so on. … I think, somehow, life balances out. … I think in real-time, what I’m really fighting for is what’s the right rhythm.” – Justin Keller

Instead of focusing on work-life balance where you are working on making everything uniform, the focus is now on work-life rhythm, which involves properly managing the ups and downs in life, setting priorities, and just focusing on the right solution at the moment.

“What’s the right rhythm this week? What’s the right rhythm this year? What’s the right rhythm this month? What’s the right rhythm today? … So, rhythm is what I fight for. … When a client wants me to come to do a session in Minneapolis, on a Thursday, which is my night with my son, … I’ll say no, and I’ve done it. And it’s because of that, it’s the rhythm of my life that’s dictating the decisions that I make, not me fighting for balance.” – Justin Keller

There are times you need to slow down and be still, and there are also times you must run fast according to the ebbs and flows in life. That’s work-life rhythm, and it is now regarded as the new norm in achieving balance in life.

Have you tried focusing on work-life rhythm? Or, are you still stuck working on achieving a work-life balance?

Why You Should Listen to This Podcast Episode with Justin Keller Right Now…

Guys, this is such a great interview with Justin Keller — especially for those who are stuck in the status quo and unable to break free from the everyday mundane routine. Sometimes, all it takes is a little courage and consistency to win the fight for brilliance.

To conclude this episode, I asked Justin one last question: If he had to give a TED talk on something he wasn’t known for, what would the talk be about? This was his answer:

“I would probably have to do a TED talk on …. things about human behavior. … I’m not a neuroscientist or anything like that. … But I would be very hesitant about that just because I’m not smart enough for that conversation.” – Justin Keller

To get more wisdom from him, you can follow Justin on Instagram and Facebook. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel for access to his videos where he shares his thoughts on life and branding. Justin is currently writing the book Human Always. If you’re feeling generous, add your ideas for future chapters. Check the project out here.

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Cheers to your success! I’m rooting for you. 


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