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When God Says Dive in Head First with Ira Davis

When God Says Dive in Head First with Ira Davis

Are you ready to dive in for your dreams?

Sometimes we have big dreams — so big that they seem impossible to do. But once you dive in headfirst towards your dream and start taking action, you will find out that those dreams are actually achievable with the right skills,  persistence, determination, and a positive attitude.

Friends, today’s guest interview in the Reaching Beyond podcast is with Ira Davis. He’s got a unique and fascinating story to tell, and I think you’re really going to enjoy this. In this episode, he shared with us a glimpse of his inspiring story, and how to live a meaningful life with purpose. He also described two different types of people (as they pertain to vision and purpose) so you could think about which one you might be, and how that might affect your life’s trajectory. So sit back, take some notes, and let’s get on with it.

Who is Ira Davis? 

Ira Davis is a visionary and purpose-driven entrepreneur, documentary filmmaker, podcast host, transformational speaker, dream development coach, and a former drill instructor of the United States Marine Corps. He founded The DreamDiver Company, whose global mission is to inspire purposeful living. 

The DreamDiver Company is a transformational coaching company that teaches world-class leaders how to discover their purpose, go after their most audacious dreams, and destroy their biggest fears. The company has worked with highly successful entrepreneurs and employees, Olympic athletes, NFL Hall-of-Famers, best-selling authors, Grammy Award-winning singers, elite military units, veterans, churches, colleges, and many other organizations.

The Journey Towards a Purpose-Driven Life

In his early years, Ira Davis initially wanted to be a basketball player.  By the time he was in ninth grade, he had figured out that basketball had plays and conditioning, and it was not for him. After watching a video in ROTC about the U.S. Marine Corps, he was inspired to become a Marine General Instructor. He joined the Marines right after graduating from high school and became a drill instructor eight years later.

“I joined the Marine Corps to become a drill instructor. … I got into my eight-year mark and became a Marine Corps drill instructor, and I was phenomenal, like it was in my DNA.” – Ira Davis

Ira Davis was so passionate about his job as a drill instructor. His personal vision was to inspire the young recruits in fulfilling their dreams of becoming a part of the elite few and the proud Marines. He believed that such prestige is something that should be earned, and not just a pat on the back. Unfortunately, he went too far.

“I got relieved of my duties for being a wild man. … What I didn’t realize at the time, though, is that what I really wanted to do was inspire those young recruits to fulfill their dreams of becoming the few and the proud. But you can’t just pat them on the back.” – Ira Davis

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Ira Davis did not bow out. Instead, he bounced back with greater might.

“[I] came back to the Marine Corps in three years to rebound my career. I won every award you can think of to make my paperwork look good, and it looked stellar.” – Ira Davis

How many of us would have given up on our dreams after an event as painful — maybe even humiliating — as being relieved from the Marine Corps? After being relieved? But Ira let it inspire him to do better and break more milestones. Sadly, another tragic event happened. 

“[When] the war in Iraq was over, Congress told the Marine Corps, ‘Hey, you got to get rid of any Marine who has any negatives in their paperwork. … they got to go because we got to cut numbers because of the budget.’ … and I fell into that realm.” – Ira Davis

It seemed like the Marine Corps was not meant to be Ira’s life purpose, even if it was his passion. He was meant for another purpose, bigger than his dream of being a drill instructor, where he could make a greater impact on others.

“The Marine Corps said, ‘Hey, thanks for playing, but it’s not for you to roll out.’ They gave me three months to pack up. I had a family of four: two small boys and a wife living in California with no savings, and my education wasn’t finished. I didn’t know what I was born to do. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I didn’t have the skill to do anything. … It was a rock bottom moment for me.” – Ira Davis

We all have our ups and downs — and rock-bottoms — in life. But wherever you are right now, it’s important to never lose hope. In fact, sometimes those down moments are the best time to reflect on our life’s purpose, which is exactly what Ira did.

In the fall of 2014, Ira was really struggling. He had no idea what he would do to provide for his young family, and he had no clue what his purpose was. Then, one very late night around 2 A.M., Ira stumbled upon a skydiving video. He said, at that moment, he felt he had a divine encounter with God where he gave Ira specific instructions to use the analogy of skydiving to teach the world how to “dive” for their world-changing dreams.

“God just began to reveal to me who I was at that moment as a transformational leader. ‘You’re a pioneer, you’re a visionary, you’re a great communicator, and you’re a phenomenal creative. I’m going to use that and give you a platform to inspire people to go after their dreams.’” – Ira Davis

Guys, I just got chills thinking about that. Ira said that God told him through a dream to name the company DreamDiving. At that moment his purpose was revealed. Now as a skydiver and as a visionary purpose-driven entrepreneur, Ira has dedicated his life to inspiring and equipping a new generation of aspiring world-changers to do the unimaginable and find their own purpose in life.

How about you? Have you already found your own purpose in life? You may already have your vision and know your purpose, but you still haven’t made the first move. Or maybe you’re already yearning for action and ready to dive, but you don’t know your vision yet. Which one are you?

The Two Types of People Searching for Their Life’s Purpose, According to Ira 

When it comes to vision and finding our life’s purpose, Ira says there are two types of people:  There are those who have already found their visions and already know what they are supposed to do, yet, they’re still stuck with indecisiveness and inaction, unable to make the first step due to myriads of excuses. Meanwhile, others are ready to make the jump and dive in, but they don’t have the vision yet. So, I asked Ira Davis what his thoughts are regarding these two groups of people.

Type 1: People with Vision But Without Action 

Ira says this first type of visionary is someone currently working a job simply because it’s something they can do — regardless or whether or not it’s something they should be doing. He says what they should be doing is whatever it is that calls to them, the thing they were born to do. But we often don’t, because we can’t yet. Compared to the second type of person (who we’ll talk about next), this person knows what their vision is — they’re just stuck.

“Let me break that down. Most of us are doing things that we can and could do. [But] we’re not doing the things that we should, and we were born to do. What that means is that you have that job because you have a skillset, and they’ll pay you for it, and you can keep the lights on. That’s where most people find themselves. And most people don’t have the audacity or the courage to do what they should. … If you live a life of ‘could’ instead of doing the things that you should and were born to do, you will die unfulfilled and unhappy” – Ira Davis

Finding fulfillment is about doing the things that you should do. So, don’t settle for less. Instead, make the best out of your skills and the things that you can do. Only then will you find your purpose in life.

Type 2: People Without Vision, but Ready for Action 

Are you stuck in a job right now that you are good at, but somehow, you still feel like something is missing? If you are, then you might be in this category.

“Your job is to figure out what miracle you were created to provide for the world. And then, when you become world-class at it, you can start to put some education around your purpose and develop systems and processes around it, and you become so great and contagious at what you do. The monetization model will begin to work itself out.” – Ira Davis

But Ira cautions against getting overly focused on monetization and earning potential before really figuring out what it is you’re meant to do with your life. He uses the example of people who believe they’re meant to be business-owners, who get caught up in things like MLMs or selling insurance. He says these are people who have the right skills — for example, the right skills to follow their passion and become a great business-owner — but they’re in the wrong industry, because they rushed into trying to make money rather than figuring out their purposes.

“…a lot of people have the right skills in the wrong industry because they’re trying to monetize before they’ve perfected the miracle that is supposed to come out of their purpose. So, slowly and steadily, be rooted where you are.” – Ira Davis

Instead of working for money, work on practicing your purpose so that you can achieve world-class quality in performance or output. The monetization part will come naturally as long as you’re working within your purpose.

Why You Should Listen to This Podcast Episode with Ira Davis Right Now…

Guys, this is such an incredible interview with Ira Davis, and I’m sure this will inspire those who are experiencing low moments in life, and they feel like they’re hitting rock bottom.  His story will motivate you to move on and keep searching for meaning in your life. You will eventually get to a place you are meant to be, where you are at your best and make an impact on others.

Before I conclude this episode, I want to share with you something Ira said that I found amusing. I asked him what the topic would be if he had to give a TED talk on something he wasn’t known for. His answer was:

“How to annoy your wife every night with your snoring by not putting on your C-PAP machine.” – Ira Davis

Well, we got a glimpse into his life right there. Not only is Ira an open book willing to share his life story to help motivate and encourage people, he’s also always ready to put a smile on our faces.  How about you? Are you an open book? Remember, being open about who you are, where you’ve been, and what you’ve learned in life is a great way to inspire others and nurture rewarding relationships.

Are you ready to unlock and dive for a dream that is bigger than you? Then coaching with Ira Davis could be right for you! Check out his DreamDiver website for more details. You can also have access to some of his DreamDiver videos for more wisdom from him.

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Cheers to your success! I’m rooting for you. 

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