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Be Careful What Story You’re Telling Yourself

Be Careful What Story You’re Telling Yourself

Most of the people I talk to are always on some kind of a personal journey, often a journey of transformation and well-being. Some struggle to wake up early, some are unable to follow a fitness regime, or some might be finding it tough to stick to a healthy diet, but we all have our own mini struggles. We can see that the grass is definitely greener on the other side, but crossing over takes a lot of courage and a lot more willpower.

And today, to mark our 100th episode, I have the story of one such man who, after many failed attempts, finally made it across the line. It is a story of repetitive failure, unimaginable willpower, and a life-transforming experience of someone really close to me.

Our guest for this special night is none other than my brother — Justin Depiesse. I wanted to have Justin today because of his remarkable accomplishment of losing over 100 pounds. He has started and failed on his weight loss journey numerous times, to the point that he had actually given up. But something different happened the last time he tried, Justin truly gave it all, and he finally succeeded, and I am just so proud of him.

I am very pumped up to share this episode of the Reaching Beyond podcast to bring Justin’s inspirational story in front of you. I hope that Justin’s colossal accomplishment and his journey will encourage you all to take that leap in your life. Let’s dive right into it —


Who Is Justin Depiesse?


Justin Depiesse, my younger brother,  is an elementary school teacher in De Pere, Wisconsin. In first grade elementary, Justin teaches reading, writing, math, social studies, science, life skills, etc.

For quite some time now, Justin has been trying hard to adopt a healthy lifestyle. For him, it was clear from the beginning: he had to set a goal to lose the extra fat on his body.

“[After the pandemic induced lockdown started] we were all [working] virtually, I was sitting down way too much [and was] eating all the bad things. I decided that I had to do something about it and prepare for this virtual environment, [and set myself a goal] to lose 100 pounds.” – Justin Depiesse

But having a goal of losing 100 pounds is no small deal. The journey in itself is one of extreme discipline and unfathomable willpower to reach this milestone that seemed so far-fetched at the time.

“I had no idea how long it would take. … I had tried many times [earlier] to lose the weight, different strategies … and plans, … but nothing ever really stuck. … [The journey] has been pretty cool, and I plan on [losing] a little bit more [weight].” – Justin Depiesse

I am so proud of Justin for achieving this amazing goal. This reminds me of the time when my family and I were in substantial financial debt, and this situation just made me sick and tired. I was just getting frustrated with feeling sick and tired and decided to do something different to turn the tide in my favor.


The Catalyst Behind’s Justin’s Latest Attempt at Weight Loss


I believe Justin’s personal journey has been quite similar to my financial situation story. Multiple attempts over the years were met with defeat until Justin finally overcame the hurdles, and Justin told us what led to his latest attempt being successful:

“Being a first-grade teacher, I constantly needed to … bend down, get on my knees to reach the [children’s] desks. … It had gotten to a point where I was sore, and my back was killing me every single day. I got home [one day] and thought that I wouldn’t change the way I teach; that’s how I want to teach. … It got to a point where I just had to get mad at myself, [when I noticed that] my clothes weren’t fitting.” – Justin Depiesse

That can be pretty frustrating, actually. After all, we all want to look and feel good and leave a lasting impression on people we meet and interact with.

“So I decided to change [my situation]. … I did it for my future and for what I wanted to accomplish in life. … The intrinsic motivation part of … was a big deal, … and it definitely helped.” – Justin Depiesse

I saw Justin a few months ago, and today there is a noticeable change in him. I hardly recognize him and often see him swimming in clothes that are too big for him now, which is a good problem to have!


Five Months into Justin’s Weight Loss Journey


The past five months have been really exciting for Justin. But he recalled how he felt a little frustrated when his transformation trajectory started to decline after a solid initial few weeks.

“Anyone who’s tried losing weight in the past [knows] that the first few weeks are incredible. I [lost] so much weight … after changing my habits. … But in the past, it’s usually around … the fifth week when [the transition] starts to slow down, [and it starts getting frustrating].” – Justin Depiesse

I can relate to Justin’s view on this. When things are in pace and go your way, but suddenly your growth becomes gradual, the situation becomes more challenging. You still expect the same momentum, which is hard to achieve as the journey becomes slow over time, but it doesn’t stop.

“A famous line by Dwight Schrute is KISS — keep it simple, stupid; [and] this really worked for me. … You have got to find something [simple and effective] … that really works for [you]. … I have not gone to the gym … it’s all been through eating habits … and being active.” – Justin Depiesse

So many changes in habits and lifestyle around food and general fitness helped Justin complete a successful weight loss journey. And that’s not it — Justin had to maintain his routine even when he was with his friends, and there was no cheat day for him. And the best part is that everyone around him was very supportive!


The Journey Beyond


A part of Justin’s weight loss journey was about being happy with himself, which is a huge accomplishment. Having achieved this monumental milestone in life, I was only eager to know what Justin wants to do next in areas outside health and fitness. 

“[I want] to get more enjoyment out of life, [by just] doing more [challenging] things [and staying] active. … I feel like this will have a domino effect on other things in my life. … I have a lot of things going [right] for me, and that’s due to setting and accomplishing [certain] goals” – Justin Depiesse

That’s what Justin calls having an overall success. And I can’t help but wonder about the numerous people that Justin might have inspired through his story. 

“A lot of [my colleagues] have asked me about what I had done [and how]. … I’ve talked to some people about it, and it’s cool to see them recognize my success. … And for them to be able to feel comfortable enough and ask me [about my achievement], … and that makes me feel good, [because] maybe I can help someone else do it too.” – Justin Depiesse

With this level of confidence, you can actually rub it off on someone else and, in turn, help them in their own journeys. To reach this goal, Justin has stopped and restarted his journey many times. And I am sure that he is not the only one who has faced this situation. Let’s see the advice that Justin has for people who find themselves on a similar path:

“Find something that works for [you], and that will get you the results, [just like] everything I did in my past … gave me my [mine]. … It took me several attempts to find what was going to work for me, … [and] every person [needs] a different set-up to be successful. … Find your own reason [and motivation] … to do this. I wanted to do it because I wanted to be able to teach and not be dead tired at the end of the day.” – Justin Depiesse

That’s an effective way to take control of your life. Just because something hasn’t worked for you in the past doesn’t mean that your end-goal is not achievable. Look around, do some research, find a purpose, and start with something simple. 

Learn to make small sacrifices, like cutting down on your sugar or meat intake. These small sacrifices will help you achieve your goals gradually. And even when things get tough, having a mindset of persistence and perseverance can help you cruise over every roadblock.


Reach Beyond with Justin Depiesse Right Now…


Wow, guys, this interview with my little brother Justin Depiesse has been truly phenomenal. Growing up with him, seeing him on this journey, and finally achieving the seemingly unachievable is highly inspiring. To check out the rest of this conversation, watch the full episode here; there is so much that you can learn from Justin’s incredible story!

I am just so happy for Justin on his remarkable achievement and can’t wait to meet him. To congratulate Justin on his transformation, you can follow and message him on Instagram @justdep

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Cheers to your transformation!


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