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Finding the Harmony In Your Work and Life

Finding the Harmony In Your Work and Life

Are you struggling to find harmony in work and life?

Not long ago, it was much easier to find a healthy balance between our work lives and our personal lives.  We left the office at five in the afternoon, and our work stayed there until the following morning at nine when we returned to continue working on whatever tasks were left unfinished the day before. Our personal lives were separate — no work calls on weekends or emails to send from bed — making our time with family and friends much more enjoyable. 

Today, finding a healthy work-life balance is a constant struggle for both business leaders and their employees. Your boss, co-workers, and clients can connect with you anytime, anywhere, through text, email, and various messaging apps, sometimes demanding immediate actions or quick responses regardless of the time of the day. 

Does that sound familiar to you? You’ll be happy to know that my guest today, Andre Young, is an experienced mental health therapist and an expert on helping corporate leaders and their employees — and even school leaders and students — find a better work-life balance. Through his company You Evolving Now, Andre has helped spur a movement of positive living, personal and business relationship growth, and lifestyle enhancements. So buckle up! This conversation will ignite an energy shift!  Let’s get on with it.


Who is Andre Young?

Andre Young is the founder and CEO of You Evolving Now, LLC: a life-enrichment company that helps employees, organizations, teams, and leaders to evolve through personal growth mentorship. You Evolving Now provides services like interactive, culture-changing, and high-energy speaking engagements, training, and virtual one-on-one coaching sessions. 

His first self-published book, Evolve, is a compilation of quotes on positivity, healthy living, and personal transformation. His other book, 7 Ways to Love, talks about evolving in a relationship with an intimate partner, with those around you, and in your relationship with yourself. In his latest book, 7 Ways to Lead: Evolve Professionally and Personally; Enhancing Your Leadership and Work / Life Harmony, Andre shares common-sense insights that can help you enhance your leadership skills while finding more significant health and happiness by improving your work-life balance.

In addition to being a business owner and author, Andre has been a mental health therapist for 19 years and has a beautiful family with his wife and four fantastic children. To date, he has lived everywhere from the inner city, to rural America, to a 5,000 square-foot luxury home and has not only been a business owner and self-employed leader but an employee as well. His mission is to make an impact by helping everyone he works with visualize and achieve the life of their dreams.


Let Them Help You: How to Improve Your Work-Life Harmony by Leveraging People

Work-life harmony is all about making sure your work life doesn’t overflow into your personal life, leaving you too tired or burnt out to make meaningful progress on your goals. That means making more time for what makes you feel healthy and energized, and less time doing things that make you feel burnt out or overwhelmed. But how?

Leverage people by delegating tasks to competent colleagues, assistants, or other support personnel who can perform the tasks as you do, or even better. This way, you can effectively automate your work, achieve the same results with less effort, and transform your work time into personal time with your family. 

Andre says leveraging people — or outsourcing and delegating at least some of your work — is one key to finding more of that precious personal time and restoring work-life harmony. 

“Success can become overwhelming unless you’re willing to add great people to your processes.” Andre Young

Andre says leveraging people becomes really important in light of our biggest wins, cautioning that sometimes, we see success as a stopping or slowing-down point after months or years of grinding. In reality, that’s when the work is just getting started. 

In other words, real growth means adding people to your team, and growing with them. 

“Every time your success is up, … it doesn’t mean you stop. [Instead,] you continue to grow. But …  the demands of that success can start to overwhelm people. So they stay comfortable where they stop, where they say, ‘No, I’m comfortable here.’ And so, the challenge for me is adding the right new people to my process. And I’ve just been able to add someone that will help me automate some things that I no longer can make time for.Andre Young

By leveraging people who can help you succeed, you are automating the growth process and protecting your work-life balance. 

But don’t forget: when you start leveraging people, you will also begin managing people. That requires strong leadership skills to drive the team towards success.


How to Use Andre’s “Leader’s 3” Principle to Improve Your Work-Life Harmony

If you ask Andre for one piece of advice when it comes to both career success and how to support your work-life harmony, he’ll tell you: figure out your “Leader’s 3”. 

Andre’s “Leader’s 3” is a principle that works a little bit like a personal roadmap or a set of personal guidelines. While aimed mostly at business leaders, the principle, according to Andre, is great for helping anyone — from middle schoolers to CEOs — enjoy more satisfaction and success in life while protecting their work-life balance. 

To use this principle, you’ll need to come up with 1.) your vision factors, 2.) your expectations for life, and 3.) your personal rules.


Step 1: Determine Your Vision Factors

Your vision factors are three to five things you know you must do in order to achieve your goal, or whatever your idea of success might be. For example, if your vision is to increase your net worth by $100k this year, write down a maximum of five actions you must take, or goals you must reach in order to achieve that. 

“Vision is the start of great things! Your vision for your professional life, your personal life, your lifestyle, that project at work, starting a direction for your team or company is the beautiful start. It’s where we decide what we want to be, what we’re offering, and why we matter!” Andre Young

Step 2: Determine Your Expectations

Your next step in using Andre’s “Leader’s 3” principle is to determine your expectations. Why? Because people deliver what we expect them to deliver, and we behave in ways that we expect ourselves to behave. What do you expect from others and yourself? Respect? Hard work? Kindness? 

Write your expectations down, but remember to be specific when defining them: If you say you expect “hard work” from yourself, decide what that looks like. For example, “hard work” might mean waking up an hour earlier every day from now on, in order to have a little more time to connect with friends and family. 

“A vision without expectations is just hope, and expectations without consequences are merely suggestions! Once you’re definite, clear, and consistent regarding your vision … What are the expectations of your people? To make it easier, what are the three expectations you have for yourself and your people?”Andre Young

Step 3: Determine Your Personal Rules

The last step in Andre’s ‘Leader’s 3” is to lay down your personal rules. You don’t have to have a lot of them — just nail down the most important ones. One of Andre’s personal rules is that he’ll always be a little early to meetings or events. 

“Rules are necessary in our lives as a professional, a parent, in society, … or else chaos would ensue! Professionally, rules also help to maintain a standard that everyone is aware of. As a leader, what are your top three rules? If you don’t know… how are your people supposed to?”Andre Young

The great thing about Andre’s “Leader’s 3” is that anyone can use it to help protect, or even restore their own work-life balance. By sticking to your vision factors, your personal expectations of yourself and others, and your personal rules, you’ll be setting boundaries that can help you make faster decisions about what to say “no” to, and that can help you make more time for the people and experiences that make life worth living.


Use Your Calendar to Build Your Work-Life Harmony

When we talk about work-life balance nowadays, some might say that everything boils down to one culprit — the always-on smartphone. They might say: “Get rid of that smartphone, and you’ll have the distraction-free personal time that you’ve always wanted.” But that won’t solve your work-life balance problems—and you certainly won’t have peace of mind by just getting rid of your phone for a day or two.

 “When we go home, that phone may not stop ringing, digging in, chime in with work. And the minute you answer it, you give permission for [the caller] to invade in your life. And if you don’t, it doesn’t wipe away the anxiety of, well, what’s what am I missing? Am I not being a team player? What am I walking into tomorrow? So work-life harmony … is so important because now all of our roles are so much more smashed together than they’ve ever been.” Andre Young

It’s true: Sometimes we would all love to get rid of our phone and all the digital distractions …  But for many of us, that could just result in more anxiety. Thankfully, getting rid of your phone isn’t necessary. In fact, it could even be helpful — if you remember it can also be used to schedule time with family and friends, too.

“Are they in your calendar? … I ask you, audience, is your wife in your calendar? Is your husband in your calendar? … So whatever goes in your calendar, I set alerts to it. I can’t miss it. … Make it and take it means … you’ve made time to put it in your calendar [so that] when the time comes, take it.” Andre Young

Andre Young says we all have a “triangle of life”: Whatever goes at the top of the triangle is the thing that runs our lives. So while you should make sure that what’s on the top of your triangle is something that will help you achieve your vision of success, you can’t let yourself lose sight of the other two angles either! 

Setting up alerts on your calendar that include personal events and special time with family and friends helps. But remember: To really protect that work-life balance, you have to act on anything you add to the calendar.


Why You Should Listen to This Podcast Episode with Andre Young Right Now

Guys, this interview with Andre Young is simply amazing, especially for those who are struggling with work-life balance. In it, you will also find valuable lessons on leadership and success.  I’m sure this conversation can help anyone on a path of self-improvement.

Before I end, I’d like to share with you Andre’s response when I asked him

him what he would talk about if he had to give a TED talk on something he wasn’t known for: 

“Love! …  Love is something that people go to when the issues hit the fan … People will seek out love advice, or therapy, or self-help … It’s easy to love when you’re getting everything you want from that person, or the relationship, or the job. … [But] can you love when you don’t feel like it, [or] when you don’t like that person, or when you don’t feel they deserve it? … So that’s what I would talk about.”Andre Young

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Cheers to your success! 

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