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Play Your Own Song – Anthony Trucks

Play Your Own Song – Anthony Trucks

Personal growth is like learning to walk: There’s a lot of falling down. But it’s also similar in the way that it’s not the falling down part that matters. What matters is whether you’re the kind of person who stays down or the kind of person that gets back up. 

My guest today is an inspiring example of someone who refused to stay down. Anthony Trucks is a pro-NFL player turned up-and-coming transformational identity shift coach, with a fascinating life story that can teach us all something about how to rise up from adversity, and transform ourselves into the kind of people we want to be. 

In this episode, Anthony speaks to anyone who feels like they might be stuck in an identity rut, wishing they could change or grow or move into a new chapter of their lives, by teaching them about his Identity Shift Method: a four-step method that can help anyone get where they want to go in life, or in his words, “reset their rhythm.”


Who Is Anthony Trucks?


Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player, an American Ninja Warrior contestant, and founder of Identity Shift coaching. (He is also the only guest to have played music in the middle of my podcast, which is a great reflection of his personality: lighthearted and fun with a ton of energy.)    

Anthony also has a humble background. At just three years old, Anthony was moved to foster care. He was adopted when he was 14 but still grappled with challenges such as poverty and racial disparities.

During his senior year of high school, Anthony won a full-ride scholarship to the University of Oregon. From there, he went on to achieve his dream of becoming a pro NFL athlete. By the age of twenty-five, he had started a family and was a loving husband and a caring father to his son. He had also secured his spot on the Pittsburgh Steelers roster. 

After his initial success in the NFL, a severe shoulder injury forced him to give up the sport and retire early. In order to make ends meet, Anthony became a personal trainer. 

Being forced to quit his life’s passion and change careers unexpectedly was hard for him, but instead of letting it get him down, he chose to use this time to reflect on his life, and ultimately create the Identity Shift Method of personal growth.


How to Shift Your Identity by Finding — and Resetting — Your Life’s Rhythm

To explain what he means by resetting the rhythm of our lives, Anthony compares different aspects of our lives to musical instruments:

“I teach people how to ‘make shift happen’ by instituting an identity shift, which is basically a reset to find the rhythm of your life. … You can have a great business relationship, a fit body, … and have a ton of peace, joy, and success. But you have got to find your rhythm, and that’s what I [help] people with.” – Anthony Trucks

It’s easy to let our struggles in life — be they relationships, health, finances, or something else — become too distracting, making it hard for us to become the people we want to become. Anthony’s interview reminds us that this is when we need to take a break, breathe easily, and reset our life’s rhythm.

“If you think about health, rough relationships, and little nuances, those are all instruments. … however, some people play too many drums or too much trumpet. … A lot of people don’t realize that we have … some ability to have certain instruments in our life, and the problem is that [most people] throw too many things in there, [there’s just] too much going on. … They think that they have to work really hard, … [and end up] sacrificing things in life. … So some things have to be removed, … but you don’t have to sacrifice stuff. … [So you] should step back, take a look at your life, and really understand the tempo and find the rhythm of your life.” – Anthony Truck


To Reset Your Rhythm, Stop Listening to Others’ Music


Anthony says that everyone’s life rhythms are different, but the rhythm of successful people is consistent.  That’s because they don’t get caught up listening to others’ music, or becoming distracted by what others might say or think about them.

“Most of the time, I don’t care what people think of me, but I do, I care, but I also don’t let that be the fear that affects me negatively. But I do care to serve. … I do care how my wife [and kids] see me.” – Anthony Trucks

Anthony was given away to the foster care services when he was just three and had barely started to get comfortable with the world. He didn’t have an easy childhood and was no stranger to abuse as he moved about from one home to another to find the right fit. Anthony was finally adopted by a poor white family, where he was the only black person and had five other siblings. And his time there too was also nothing less than a struggle, while his biological mom was creating problems for him in the background. But from the age of 14, Anthony started taking back control of his life and didn’t let his struggles deter him from getting where he wanted.

“What I did was I did all the things to be great before I knew I’d be great. … [Even with] a lot of hardships… I worked, and I grinded. … What you create creates you, and I created this faster, stronger, and more skilled body by lifting weights, running routes, [and] catching footballs every day. … I deserve this, but I had to earn it. And that turned me into this different person. I made a massive shift and [found] my rhythm.” – Anthony Trucks

Even though his injury required him to make the difficult decision of retiring much earlier than he wanted to,  Anthony didn’t stop. He did feel the pressure initially, he started struggling again, but he knew that this was not the life he wanted.


The Four D’s of Identity Shift: Design, Develop, Deploy, and Debrief


Anthony says that there are four steps required to reset your life’s rhythm: design, develop, deploy, and debrief.

Step 1: Design

The first step to resetting your rhythm is to design your identity. What this means is that you need to be able to take each day as it comes, and adapt to how things progress within that time. And you can achieve this by understanding every unique aspect of your personality.

“If I want to have something different [then I need] to become someone different, but that means that I gotta be in the state of being different every day. … I have got to know what are the ideal aspects of my identity” – Anthony Trucks

Step 2: Develop

The second step is to develop a plan and decide what specific actions you’ll need to take in order to achieve your goal identity. For example, if your goal is to identify as someone who is calm, some actions you could take might be to meditate and to resolve inner conflicts. 

“[Ask yourself] about the actions that you need to take to build that person [that you have designed]. And it’s actually different habits, actions, reactions, and drivers. … but you have to figure it out.” – Anthony Trucks

Step 3: Deploy

The next step is to deploy or test your plan.

“The idea is that you deploy [your plan] to the world, and you are probably going to mess up because that is life. But what most people do is that the moment they feel the pain of that, … they walk away, [instead of] trying something new.” – Anthony Trucks

Step 4: Debrief

Debriefing is all about stepping back and taking an honest look at how your plan rolled out. Not only will this help you identify ways you can improve your journey towards resetting your life rhythm, but it can also be a great opportunity to celebrate your progress and growth. 

“With all these insights now, [you should] go and debrief [and understand] what worked and what didn’t. When you go back and say ‘let me try it again,’ and you do it again and again, the pain [of failure] hurts [but reduces over time]. … It turns [into] a joy.” – Anthony Trucks

If you work hard towards your goals of shifting your identity, you’ll not only achieve that goal but you’ll have grown stronger and more resilient and confident along the way. You will be scared at first, but when the shift takes place, you have to stay firm.  Even with Anthony’s tough background, he overcame all his obstacles and used them to power himself up. His story tells you how to start falling in love with doing things that you hated doing before. And all you need to do now is to have a process to sustain that trajectory, to keep moving ahead and sustaining the joy.


Why You Should Listen to This Podcast Episode with Anthony Trucks Right Now…


Friends, this episode with Anthony Trucks has just left me speechless. Even with an incredibly challenging, difficult childhood and his professional setback, Anthony didn’t stop moving forward, and neither did he let these experiences affect him negatively. I feel so empowered right now and insist that you guys check out the rest of the episode here.

Anthony is truly an exceptional human being. To learn more about his life and his courses,  visit his website. You can also follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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