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Coaching with Kyle!

Coaching with Kyle!

“Do you want different results or do you want to cling to your beliefs?  Because you can’t do both.  You get to choose.”

I don’t believe we have to sacrifice our personal balance sheet for our professional one.

I’ve seen too many “successful” people (lot of $$, fancy titles, etc) that are on their 4th marriage, physically unhealthy and have no relationship with their kids.  They are completely miserable.

There’s more to life than work.  Work IS important, we should be doing fulfilling work.  But we aren’t one dimensional.

I just finished up coaching 26 amazing entrepreneurs in a mastermind put on by Chris and Lori Harder.

Many of us fall into this trap of hustle, grind, hustle, grind (repeat).  I’ve played that game, spoiler alert, it leads to burnout.

There’s a rhythm to work and life.  Find your rhythm and sustain high performance without leaving a wake of destruction behind you.

How many times have you heard the word “scale”?  As in, scale your business.

I believe you can scale your life to match your business.  We don’t hear many people talk about scaling your life, but we should!  I believe that scaling your joy, happiness, relationships is equally as important and I’d argue that when you do that, your business WILL grow exponentially.

I believe you can (and should) grow a business that matches your lifestyle, not sacrifices it.

Are you feeling stuck here? I’m opening up two 1:1 coaching spots.  Simply fill out the application below and we’ll have a discovery call to see if we’re a fit!

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