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Sometimes it Takes a Breakdown to Wake Us Up

Sometimes it Takes a Breakdown to Wake Us Up

Are you feeling burnt out from stress?

Too much stress can easily wear us down. If you don’t know how to balance your life between family and work, you could end up in a mental breakdown. But sometimes, a breakdown gives us the wake-up call we need to stand up and fight back. By shifting your mindset towards your vision in life and remaining focused on it, you can overcome burnouts and stress!

Friends, I’m so thrilled to have Chris Goodman on the Reaching Beyond podcast. He’s got a unique story to tell! 

In this episode, Chris Goodman will share some inspiring thoughts about mindset optimization, work-life balance, and what’s stopping you from reaching your goals — which is most likely yourself! 

Chris is an expert in human behavior leadership, and we had a great conversation about poor performance, struggles, and obstacles that people seem to have and how he helps them get through their hardships. Let’s get started! 


Who Is Chris Goodman?


Chris Goodman is a leading life coach for business owners and high performers. His clients include real estate titans and agents, Hollywood influencers, world-class coaches, CEOs, and small business owners in various industries. Chris has a reputation for asking tough transformative questions but in a friendly and approachable way. 

Chris Goodman went from being a law school dropout to a Rookie of the Year for the Southern Indiana Realtor Association (SIRA), a successful real estate agent, a Director of Sales, and eventually a life-coaching entrepreneur. His coaching programs are focused on mindset optimization, team building, sales training, leadership, and building a life of freedom. 

Over the years, Chris has more than 10,000 coaching hours, while his sales records continue to grow beyond 22 million dollars in sales.

What I like most about Chris is how he made an impact on those he coached and on the people he helped with their struggles. He has unique ways of bringing out the best in every person, and I can’t wait for you to hear from him in this episode. 


Success, Fulfillment, and Freedom


Chris Goodman is so successful in real estate with over tens of millions in sales. He is also successful in his coaching business, with thousands of coaching hours and counting. So I asked Chris for his definition of success and fulfillment:

“I don’t define success. I think … [the] feeling of fulfillment is probably the best way to describe it.” – Chris Goodman

Most people would define success in terms of money, power, accolades, and luxury. But Chris has a distinct perspective of success. 

The pursuit of fulfillment is a journey to success. Once you feel fulfilled, you will find happiness — a genuine success that everyone longs for in life. You can have so much wealth, and yet the feeling of emptiness still lingers around. Some entrepreneurs and corporate executives are already at the top of their careers, but they feel lonely at the top. However, if you found happiness even if there was a lack of wealth, luxury, and power, you are even more successful than those who are rich but unhappy in their lives. 

“Fulfillment focuses more on contribution … and service to other people. … People don’t want that economic freedom … without service or some impact on our fellow humans. We don’t feel like we’re really serving a bigger purpose.” – Chris Goodman

For Chris, success and fulfillment are more or less in the same dimension of achievement, except that fulfillment focuses on service to others. It’s hard to find happiness on your own — as the saying goes, “No man is an island.” You’ll only find happiness with other people, serving them for a bigger purpose than yourself. The more you serve other people, the happier you shall become — and ultimately more successful!

“Some people define ultimate freedom by just being able to serve one person a day. That’s ultimate freedom.” – Chris Goodman

When you’re successful, you will also enjoy freedom. People have different perspectives of freedom, but in this episode, we focused specifically on financial freedom.  In our interview, he recalled a mentor he had before who arrived wearing short pants and ordered bourbon during their first lunch meeting. He was amazed by the lifestyle of his mentor — enjoying the freedom and making money at the same time while they were having lunch and taking some shots of bourbon. For Chris Goodman, that was ultimate freedom.

“I don’t have to stay in my business. I don’t have to stay in one location. And I don’t mean that I run away from responsibility because I think it’s the opposite. I think you have to take more responsibility to achieve that kind of freedom.” – Chris Goodman

Everybody wants to achieve financial freedom, but the journey to this vision is challenging and strenuous. You will have to take in more responsibilities, more work, and even extended working hours. 

We tend to set goals and milestones, which are self-imposed ceilings, but when things are not doing what we expected, and the self-imposed ceilings start crashing down, we become burnt out and give up. To achieve success and freedom, we have to push past that burnout, and sometimes, that takes a breakdown. 

“Sometimes we really need that hard shove to wake up from these bad habits. … At least be willing to learn a different way because the entrepreneurs I work with are very growth-focused. They love pushing their growth edge. … And sometimes it takes a breakdown to wake us up.” – Chris Goodman

Do something different every day if you want to see some improvements! If you keep on doing what you have been doing, nothing will change — you’ll see no growth, and you won’t get closer to your vision to become financially free. Get rid of the bad habits that bring you down and start doing something different that makes an impact!


Mindset Optimization


Chris Goodman finds happiness by helping other people through his coaching sessions. His wife is also a successful coach, and both found happiness in their journey together, making an impact in other people’s lives. 

Whatever you want in life, there is always a coach who can guide you towards your goals. There are many types of coaches. There are life coaches, career coaches, financial coaches, mindset coaches, physical fitness coaches, and so on. The market seems to be oversaturated with so many coaches, so is it worth breaking into as an entrepreneur? Let’s hear it from Chris:

 “If you think the market is oversaturated, you’ll find evidence for that in every little pocket and every little corner that you look [into]. — I don’t feel like it’s oversaturated.” – Chris Goodman

It’s all about mindset. Whatever industry or niche your business is in, if you think the industry is already oversaturated, then it is. But if you think otherwise, there is also evidence that a particular niche has enough room for growth. The bottom line is — if you want to have an impact, you can! 

“[When] I get into [the] realtor life, and there [are] over a million realtors in the country, … only about 10% of those realtors do [the] 90% of the business. … Whatever you frame it in your own mind, I don’t feel like I have competition. … I really think that there’s plenty of work to go around. There’s plenty of humans who need life, business, gardening, health, coaching, all kinds of things.” – Chris Goodman

It takes a different mindset to see the positive side of things, and what seems impossible can become achievable with a shift in mindset. When Chris Goodman mentors his clients, he coaches them using the mindset optimization that follows the 20-80 rule, focusing on the action side. 

“Focus on the action side of things like what are we going to do. … A lot of these times … what is always preceding … is a series of thoughts that turn into beliefs, that turn into emotions and feelings, and that immediately devolves into whatever action or inaction we find ourselves in that day. So, I used to coach to the action. … About 20% of my coaching is action-based, but 80% is unpacking how you think, why you think it, and how that translates immediately into what kind of life you were experiencing and [the] business you’re building.” – Chris Goodman

You can manifest the kind of life you want! But you must first manage your mind, which is a crucial step for the actions to come. However, sometimes, you can get stuck in the mindset process for so long that your plans remain as blueprints unconverted into actions because there seems to be a barrier. 

But the hard truth is, the barrier is actually you. Taking the first step is always a challenge because of self-doubts and fears. Once you overcome your self-doubts and have the confidence and determination to take the first steps, everything will fall into place with the right mindset.


Reaching Beyond with Chris Goodman  


Guys, this is truly an amazing interview with Chris Goodman — especially for those who feel burned out from the daily stress of life. Sometimes, it takes a breakdown to give us a wake-up call and take action to start living our dreams.

Before closing this session, I want to share Chris’ response when I asked him what topic would he talk about if he had to give a TED Talk on something he is not very well known for.

“Two things … The first was bourbon … — you planted that seed, so I’ll blame you for that. … The other would be communication because as I get even deeper and deeper into coaching, … I realized how we communicate matters.” – Chris Goodman

If you start working on something, it could be any endeavor like a business venture or a project, be sure to nurture what you started because you are responsible for the outcome, just like planting a seed. You have to keep nurturing the plant so it can bear the best fruit.

Chris is truly a motivational coach that can give you a huge awakening in life. At the same time, he can guide you on how to get back on and move forward to your genuine goals. If you want to know more about Chris, check him out on LinkedIn and Facebook. If you want to connect with him for coaching opportunities, visit his official website, where he coaches business owners in search of fulfillment, freedom, and impact.

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Cheers to your success! I’m rooting for you! 

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