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Why You Should Lean In Instead of Giving Up

Why You Should Lean In Instead of Giving Up

Have you ever been trolled online by someone who finds it necessary to throw visceral hate at you?

Just a while back, I found myself wrestling with some criticism that was akin to getting trolled. Someone was trolling some of my social media content with hateful and derogatory messages and name-calling. It impacted me and got me wondering about what triggers someone so much that they need to try and tear another person down. And just as I am becoming bold in sharing my message and stories, I’m suddenly noticing an increase in the amount of criticism that I receive.

The more people I am able to impact, and the more successful I am in spreading my word, the more people out there will take a dig at my work. I am always open to advice and look forward to other people sharing their stories with me, making it a point not to be judgmental. But sometimes, the hatred I receive online tends to get overwhelming to the point of numbing me. I start questioning if what I am doing is right and start doubting my mission and work. The focus seems to be lost, and my will to make a change takes a beating.

Today, I am reacting to the harsh and hurtful criticism directed at me in response to some of my content. I was in a complete tailspin while sifting through some garbage criticism that I was getting, and I know better than to let it affect me. But sometimes, it just becomes difficult to avoid it and keep it from affecting you. It just crashes down and takes you by surprise, which may end up in a knee-jerk reaction from you, which may not be worthwhile.

So I am putting up this short post for all those who share their stories with the world by trying to be bold and working hard in life. I appreciate how most of us are trying to do our best in our personal and professional lives, facing our own struggles while trying to lead meaningful lives.

While I know that criticism can hit people hard at times, I also understand that it eventually boils down to our approach and attitude towards it. Feeling upset, hurt, or intimidated by someone who knows nothing about us or where we come from is just a waste of our precious energy. We can utilize this energy to do bigger things in life and to impact the lives of those around us.

We should be able to distinguish positive criticism from negative comments and lead our lives with a focused and confident mindset. In this episode, I will talk about how and why to ignore hateful criticism and come out stronger on the other side instead of giving up in life. Let’s begin!


Use Criticism Constructively to Fuel Your Life


It’s interesting to see how one message can be inspiring to someone, and the same message can wildly trigger someone else to spew hatred towards us. This made me realize that we all see the world through the lenses that we are wearing.

The way I see the world is not the same as how you see it. We both have different stories and experiences that have shaped our personalities and how we are with others. It’s all about the kind of mindset that one has. One might have a positive mindset to help others and appreciate life. In contrast, another person might have a negative mindset to continually criticize and ridicule another person’s work or achievements.

I have been criticized before, but the criticism left a profound scar on me in one particular instance. But on the same evening of this staggering experience, just one text from my father turned my mood around. Seeing that message from my father, the best man at my wedding, the man who has impacted my life the most, made me uncontrollably tearful. My father’s words moved me, and at the same time, the wound inflicted by the criticism earlier in the day was still fresh.

The tears were not because of the deep meaning message from my father telling me that he was finally debt-free; and that someone had taken my story and messaging and made it actually work for them. But the tears were because I realized that I almost let one negative and hurtful person I didn’t even know, try to dim my light. I allowed the negative criticism to take me down. Instead, I should have focused on constructive criticism to fuel my life. I took that criticism to heart and felt this massive burden of disappointment on my shoulder.

The thing is, we can’t control what others do. The only thing we can control is how we react in certain situations and how we treat negativity. If you have faith and confidence in yourself, then no matter how much negativity comes your way, your practical and positive outlook will allow you to tide over it. You will evolve, and you will come out stronger on the other side.


Believe in Your Story and Mission


So to all those who are discouraged, who face criticism frequently, and are hesitant to speak up and share their message for fear of what others will think and say: If your story and message are helping people, you must be more moved by your mission and stop being afraid of criticism. You can’t let criticism dominate your life and alter the way you think or feel about things.

Criticism is an unavoidable element in life that tries to take us off balance. But if you deal with criticism without any attachment, you give yourself the space to introspect and filter any useful message. 

Whenever you are criticized, you must not worry about getting hurt or being misunderstood. Being misunderstood is useful at times because it allows you to take a more in-depth look into your approach. If people do not misunderstand you, it means that you are just not bold enough. It means that you are not speaking loud enough to be heard.

But if you believe in your story and your mission and your message, then you should never back down and must press on because more people are counting on you for it. And for any ill-meaning message or hatred that comes your way, you always choose to look past it and avoid pondering over something so trifling. You must keep your mind free from any ill-thoughts and not allow negative words to break down your spirit.

The fact is that many people give up their careers or their mission when they face hostility from others. They get bogged down by the negativity, and they allow it to affect them so profoundly that it may even lead to depression and anxiety. But your belief and willingness to move past hurdles and your wisdom to look past hatred will allow you to grow exponentially in life.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, athlete, working professional, or from any other background, you must know that criticism is always around the corner. It may be from your clients, friends, family, or even people you do not know. But if you can filter out the hatred and only focus on the productive side, you would experience massive growth and peace of mind. That would put you in the perfect place to inspire and help others move along their own paths with the ideal mindset. And that’s how you can make a real difference.


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Remember, no one knows yourself as much as you do. If we believe in what we do and stand for, then no one can hurt and discourage us. And I hope this post was encouraging for you. If so, then do listen to the full episode.

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