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The 6 Habits of High Performance with Randy Garn

The 6 Habits of High Performance with Randy Garn

Are you a high performer who always strives to make it to the next level? Once you achieve something new, are you always looking to what’s next?

Many times we find ourselves in a predicament. No matter how much success we achieve, it leaves us wondering: What’s next? Now that I have achieved my goal, what do I do next? 

It’s all about the cycle of growth and evolution. You may always strive for the next big thing, but you need to keep your priorities straight and create a circle of connections.

Today, our guest is a thriving businessman. He has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and was also a top  40 under 40 entrepreneur. He defines success as a balance between money, happiness, and sustainability, which leads to real prosperity.

Today on The Reaching Beyond podcast, we have Randy Garn, and I absolutely loved our conversation. I have immense respect for this man, who, apart from being an awarded entrepreneur, prioritizes being the best husband and father he can be. Our conversation covered Randy’s six things that high performers can and should be doing to reach another level. Let’s dive right into it.


Who Is Randy Garn?


Born in Idaho, Randy is a passionate entrepreneur and managing director at the High Performance Institute. He has worked closely with some of the world’s most recognized CEOs, thought leaders, and experts, and he is extremely good at growing companies.

He is also a New York Times best-selling author for his book Prosper: Create The Life You Really Want. The book provides you with tools, strategies, exercises, and insights and empowers you to become prosperous in your life. I definitely recommend that you check it out!

I really admire Randy because he is a very proud husband and attentive father of six kids  — on top of all his professional achievements and accolades. His list of accomplishments is way too long, and Randy’s knowledge and experience should motivate you to reach newer heights in your personal and professional life.


Set Your Goals


To begin with, there’s one piece of advice that Randy tells people most often. 

“If you don’t have your own goals, somebody else will use you for theirs.” – Randy Garn

That’s such a powerful idea. As someone who has worked closely with many companies and CEOs, Randy knows firsthand just how important it is to set goals for yourself. A considerable part of his high-performance life is goal-setting and following it up with action. 

That may lead you to think, “Once I accomplish my personal goal, I will have found success.” But, Randy defines success differently. 


True Prosperity = Success


In reality, Randy doesn’t worry too much about success in the traditional sense. For him, success revolves around invaluable assets like his family and relationships. 

“I am super conscious of living every day with a purpose. True success [to me] is prosperity and the balance of doing what you love. If you are aligned with your goal and are happy, you can do it over longer periods of time. … [Then] every day is a blessing.” – Randy Garn

Ask yourself, “Am I happy with my work? Can I do it day after day?” If your answer is no, then it is not sustainable, and you need to reevaluate your goals. Success isn’t something that happens once; it’s something that you wake up and feel every day because you’re living a life that you love. 


The Secret Behind Becoming a High Performer


In his role as Managing Partner at the High Performance Institute, Randy feels that high performance can be taught. What do we mean by “high performance”? 

“High performance means succeeding beyond [the] standard norms. … [You should have a] desire … to push yourself … [and do it] consistently … over long [periods] while maintaining well-being and positive relationships.” – Randy Garn

High performance feels like joy and gives you the type of confidence that comes from giving your absolute best effort every single day. At their institute, Randy and his colleagues teach people the six habits of being high performers.


The Six Habits of High Performers


High performance feels like full engagement when you are in the flow. It’s that feeling when you can’t wait to get out of bed every day to work. To accomplish high performance, Randy says you need to develop these six habits. 


Habit #1 – Seek Clarity


The first habit is to learn to seek clarity in everything that you do. You must be able to identify when to say no and have a clear view of your goal.

“[Most] people are like grasshoppers, [they are] great on take-off, but you never know where they are going to land.” – Randy Garn

High performers are very clear on what they want to accomplish, and they don’t get distracted by things that may hold them back. 


Habit #2 – Generate Energy


Your energy is contagious. Recognize that any emotion that you send out into the world is going to impact those around you. .

“Nobody likes to be around grumpy people, [or around somebody] who is not a leader. … When you are clear on where you are going [in life], your energy is high. … ” – Randy Garn

Real leaders have great energy and clarity that allows them to influence the masses, which is essential when moving towards a common goal.


Habit #3 – Create Necessity


Raising necessity is like pushing yourself and others around you to continue on a growth and fulfillment path.

“[To] really understand how to do something bigger than yourself is where joy comes from. Joy comes from raising a necessity that is bigger than you. … Raising necessity [is about] pushing yourself and others to continue to grow.” – Randy Garn

High performers know how to raise necessity and to help themselves and others in fighting for something bigger.


Habit #4 – Journal to Increase Productivity


Journaling daily creates a sense of purpose in you by searching your thoughts and allows you to see your goals more clearly.

“A leader is very good at getting others around him [to be] productive. … Everything for me is about journaling, … and I journal every single night to increase productivity. And [then] I assess how I did spiritually, … physically, … [professionally], … [financially], etc. … I score myself on the things … that I was going to do, and [I hold] myself accountable for it.” – Randy Garn

Most leaders believe that journaling lets them be more productive and gives them a clear sense of the objectives. This enables them to lead others better.


Habit #5 – Develop Influence


Ask yourself this: If I needed to rally 300 people to help me save a life, could I make a phone call and make that happen?

“The powerful thing [around] developing influence [is about] who knows you and what they think about you. … It is important to have a voice, … especially if you are doing good. … If you have a message that is good [and worthy], [then] get as many people as you can [to listen] to you. Get as many people as you can to develop, influence, and change the world for good.” – Randy Garn

A common trait amongst most high performers is their influence on others. People want to listen to them and support them when needed. 


Habit #6 – Demonstrate Courage


Fear only pushes you back, often leading to a loss of confidence, and keeps you away from realizing your full potential. A courageous mindset will give you the strength and confidence to tackle any situation you may find yourself in.

“It is about being afraid [of something] but [still doing it without] worrying about what anybody else thinks of you because it really doesn’t matter. … If you want to be a high performer, you have to be fearless and have the ability to do what you need to because people will follow you if you are courageous about it and shoot for your goals.” – Randy Garn

A person who doesn’t buckle under fear is looked up to, and courage is a crucial trait for a leader.

Maybe you’ve already practiced some of these habits — journaling, for instance. It’s when you put all six together that you’ll start to see sustainable, long-term success. When you have clarity, you have a lot more energy, and your necessity is high. You must then improve your productivity by journaling and develop influence by demonstrating courage.


Be a Conscious “Goodness Spreader”


Randy works closely with a company called Tamarak. They only invest in companies that will impact the world for good. This company’s mission is to make everyone a better human.

“Bringing joy in life is a conscious goodness spreader. … I want to bring joy to everyone I meet, … and to treat everyone [with kindness]. … Every one of us is fighting battles [that no one else] knows about, so I try to leave everybody better than I found them, leaving a little bit of joy in their hearts and trying to find the good in people. That’s the conscious goodness [that] I spread around myself.” – Randy Garn

Randy gives a practical example of how he sets an alarm to ring two to three times every day that reminds him to “bring the joy.” I love this easy reminder to treat others with random kindness no matter how busy the day gets! 


The Importance of Relationship Capital


Randy’s friend and mentor, Brandon Steiner, the former CEO of Steiner Sports, once told Randy,  “Do as much as you can, for as many people as you can, as often as you can, and expect nothing in return.” Randy has been following this advice ever since. Relationship capital is based on the premise of the law of reciprocity — the energy you give out to the world comes back to you. 

“The law of reciprocity is so real. [You start getting] more opportunities and business … because you have built that trust. … It’s about how you can [ get involved in] and focus on [something] that makes a tremendous difference.” – Randy Garn

How can you start building relationship capital? If it’s someone you know, then you must find out what matters to them the most and go the extra mile to make that happen for them. When it comes to relationships,  all the blessings are in that extra mile.

“It is vital to pay attention to the details because it is the little details that make a few men rich. … These little details build deep-rooted and meaningful relationships.” – Randy Garn

This is such a subtle but important mindset shift. Rather than see relationships from a transactional standpoint, try to approach people with consideration and generosity. Others can feel this energy. When you serve unconditionally without the thought of a reward, you will reap what you sow.


Make 2021 a Year of Great Energy


Not sure where to start developing these habits? Randy recommends creating a one-page “life strategy” keeping it with you at all times. 

“Take more time planning out each day, take a breath, [and understand] what you want to create, what prosperity is, and generate energy in your life. Be the kind of person who other people want to be around and do things with. Don’t worry about money; it will come, especially if you have a clear goal. … I create personal habits, professional habits, and spiritual habits, and [this is] part of my strategy.” – Randy Garn

Many people are living in a state of fear. When you have clarity in your life, you gain the ability to face fear. So spend time developing a strategy and create habits, both professional and personal, and strive to be a giver. Remember, what you give to the world, you will receive in kind. 


Why You Should Listen to This  Randy Garn Podcast Episode Right Now…


Guys, if you want to become a high performer and find a life that’s truly rich and meaningful, I strongly recommend listening to this episode with Randy Garn. He’s so inspiring and knowledgeable. It will motivate you to stand up, analyze your goals, and build life-long connections with people who can help you down the path to success.

I could really feel Randy’s energy and joy, and it was an absolute pleasure to have this conversation with him. If you want to know more about Randy and learn from him, check out his website and follow him on Instagram @randygarn, as well as on  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Cheers to your success! I’m rooting for you.

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