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Take Time to Pay Back the Debt from the Hustle or Pay the Price with Dr. Jeff Spencer

Take Time to Pay Back the Debt from the Hustle or Pay the Price with Dr. Jeff Spencer

Experiencing burnout in the professional world is not surprising, is it? With the high-pressure approach that most of us have towards our goals, feeling burned out is not as uncommon as previously thought.

The mental pressure that comes with it can get physically taxing when your mind and body are not aligned. So how can you avoid it? And how can you make way for a life that is more meaningful? Is it just a simple mindset shift, or is there more to it? And most importantly, are you ready to win?

Friends, thanks for joining in today. I am so excited and fortunate to introduce Dr. Jeff Spencer on the Reaching Beyond podcast today. For decades, this man has been helping exceptional performers to tap into their highest potential. And today, we’re going to help you do just the same. So hold on tight, and let’s get on with it!


Who Is Jeff Spencer?


Jeff committed to becoming an Olympic cyclist at the age of seven, a dream he finally realized at 21. Soon after, he started coaching top-performers into elite performance, changing their habits, strengthening their minds, and giving them the tools to consistently deliver at the height of their game.

He has supported many high profile performers of our generation like Richard Branson, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, and other athletes. He has also assisted the band U2 and companies like Nike, Hitachi, Bulletproof, to name a few, as a performance coach. His guidance has helped people in capitalizing on their skills and reaching their pinnacle of success.

Born and brought up in Los Angeles, Jeff finished his master’s degree in physical education from the University of Southern California and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. He was also awarded the ‘Sports Chiropractor of the Year’ in 2004.

Jeff has also authored a book named: Turn It Up!: How to Perform at Your Highest Level For a Lifetime, where he outlines the ‘twelve principles for personal success.’ I highly recommend that you purchase his book and learn from Jeff’s wisdom and experience.

I connected with Dr. Jeff through a mutual friend, and after just a few minutes of talking to him, I immediately knew that I had to have him on the podcast. I love Jeff’s transparency and commitment, and I promise that each of you is really going to enjoy this episode.


Do the Things That Count


At the beginning of our conversation, Jeff gave out a piece of simple advice to get you to success.

“Every moment has a perfect answer, and there are not five or six different options, … there is just one best option. … I always respond to a particular need with what I deem the most important thing is.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

It comes down to those one or two things that count at the moment, in the champion space. Space where you are in touch with your inner self and have the confidence to find and head out on the right path. That’s the fastest way to get to your bigger and better self and to experience success in its full glory.

“[If you are] a person who gets up with a strong purpose and at the end of the day, [you] wish that [you] didn’t have to go to sleep so that [you] can get more done because [you are] so passionate about the value that [you are] bringing to others [And if you] honor [your] talents by showcasing [your] respect for it. [Then you are a successful person].” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

If you genuinely love the work you do and are always looking for ways to improve and bring value to everyone. That, my friend, is akin to having a champion’s mindset.


A Bird’s Eye View of Dr. Jeff’s Career


Jeff’s career started very early in his life when he was just seven years old and wanted to become an Olympian.

“I was drawn to it. … I didn’t know how I was going to be, but I showed unusual talent on the bicycle. … Then, my coach helped craft my ability to win by teaching me the skill. … I [also] had other angels in my life that came in and [helped me in] shaping and forming my tactical [skills], my physical capacity, and my ability to stay in the game long enough to mature up to my full potential.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

And Jeff did become an Olympian after years of rigorous training and practice. It’s significant because unless you have been at the top of your game and it’s in your DNA, it is not possible to guide people on their path to becoming their own champions.

“You can’t read about [success] and study it and interview people that have achieved it. To be successful, you have to do two things physically: 

One: You have to know how to push yourself.

Two: You have to be in the game long enough to mature into your ability to perform at your highest. 

[That way], you end up creating a legacy that truly represents your potential.”  – Dr. Jeff Spencer

This mindset allowed Jeff to help athletes win gold medals, make money as a pro-athlete, and guide business professionals to become their own champions in business.


What Led Jeff to Become a Healthcare Provider


While working with athletes and business professionals, Jeff was frequently bothered by the dilemma facing them. While the athletes were concerned about getting injured and having a short-lived sports career, the business people were worried about dying of heart attacks and strokes at an early age.

“So I went back to school and got my primary licensure to be a healthcare provider, to be able to address that part of their development. … I knew how to craft and create a body [that could help them] stay in the game and get to where [they] needed to go. And I [also] know how to avoid preventable problems that take most people out of the game.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

Jeff is somebody who knows how to take all the parts of a puzzle and assemble them into a doable plan that can bring people to heights of success. That’s how he found his way into the world of high-performance, which allowed him to oversee people in a variety of different professions to become household names.


You Are Not Born Successful


Many of us feel that we have to be born with certain gifts or in a particular type of family to climb the ladder of success. But is that a wise thought?

“Most of the people that play big [weren’t born into it]. They were people who had nothing and had to figure it out and were [successful] in finding resources that could help them find the path forward.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

To be successful, you have to learn the model that can be duplicated to create a life of value. It also builds a legacy that brings tremendous potential as a case study for people to observe and emulate and play at their highest level.

“The champion’s rule is to do the homework; then the test is easy. … If you are prepared, then when the time comes to perform, you are just executing what you practiced for. That’s how you create your wins.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

It is an essential trait of champions to honor their talents by preparing and manifesting their potential. According to Jeff’s model, the preparation comprises of five parts —


#1: Target the Right Goal


There are all types of goals out there, both big and small. But what you need is to target the right one.

“If you have the right goal, it [allows you] to focus [with clarity]. Because then you are not wondering … [whether you] should be doing this or not. … [And you] don’t miss better opportunities.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

Being sure about your goal also gives you a peripheral awareness of what’s happening around you so that you can avoid any blind spots that may take you out of the game.


#2: Have the Right Motive


Before you even get started, you must be sure about your motive behind a particular goal. When you take time to scrutinize that, it actually increases your drive to achieve that purpose.

“Drive is an emotional power plant within yourself to accomplish what you set out to do. But unless you have a purpose [and] the knowledge of what it is, then it becomes really hard to stay in the game and push through the barriers.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

You must make sure that your motive is well thought out so that in your pursuit, your purpose leads your way, and you emerge victoriously.


#3: Understand the Impact of Your Goals


Once you start pursuing your goals or have already achieved them, you must put effort into understanding what the impact is going to be either way.

“[You must] understand how [your] goals … impact others … and the planet, and how they …  influence your legacy, … and your credibility. … [When you] look at it [carefully], it [should] give you a reason to get up [every day] because [you then] realize the ripple effect of what [you] achieve is not just about you.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

Make efforts to analyze and understand the effects of your actions and goals so that you can significantly improve others’ lives.


#4:  Have the Mindset of a Winner


Having the right mindset is essential. You must train and condition yourself to have the mindset to do what has to be done, to get to where you want to go.

“Let’s make sure that you understand [that] the forest is within yourself. … [Sometimes] either yourself or other people … will try to talk you out of excellence, and you must be able to counteract and neutralize that [thought].” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

When you have the champion’s mindset, you have the courage to pursue your goals without getting distracted by your own doubts or by other people’s judgment of you.


#5: Have the Right Resources


The final part of preparation is to have all the right resources — enough time, energy, knowledge, and skills.

“[You] need to make sure that [you] have enough materials and supplies to carry [yourself] through. [This is], so that [you] don’t get caught up short of … making a breakthrough, and getting the necessary traction to take the goal to its completion. [When that gets done, your focus shifts] to your performance. … When [you] are actively pursuing a goal, then [you also] need to understand the steps that [you] have to take, … so that you can interpret [your] experience correctly.”  – Dr. Jeff Spencer

It is imperative to understand what you are going to be experiencing. When you do your homework, you prepare yourself to start your journey. And when you perform to achieve the goal, you know you are closer to achieving your target. That’s the magic recipe that is required to be a prolific achiever who consistently and repeatedly achieves their goals.


When Setting Goals, Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew


When setting goals, they must be realistic. You may have friends and family who believe in your talents and feel that you are already a winner, but you must introspect and analyze your performance and skills before setting any target.

“If [your goals] are too big, you may feel intimidated [by them]. … Start with something that helps you learn the model because if [you] don’t do that, then [you] feel that there is something wrong with [you]. … [You] need to progressively gain confidence in [your] abilities by working through a [proven] structure.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

There are specific criteria that you need to challenge your provisional goals against. Once you have a goal in mind, you must ask yourself if it is the right goal for you and if you have all the resources and time to pursue it. If your answer is “no,” then it needs to be parked in the garage for a while until you have all the assets to pursue it. This process allows you to build self-confidence and self-belief.


Pay Back the Debt from the Hustle


It is a widespread problem in the late-thirties and early-forties for the muscles to tense up and the body to have a full lock-down. Jeff talks about how an underperforming athlete once came to him with a problem, and the cause of his problem turned out to be over-training. He was not giving himself enough time to heal and recover.

“I told the athlete [that he] cannot train his way beyond this,[ and that he] could only recover [his] way through it. You have to stop, and you have to replenish and pay your debt as quickly as possible. You are not going to lose anything. Maybe [you will face] a little bit of embarrassment, and [lose a little] time and credibility, but you are going to come back better if you can get beyond this.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

If you don’t take out the time to pay back your debt when you feel good, you will pay the price later. And there are no exemptions from this. Once you have allowed your mind and body to heal, you will be prepared to push yourself when the time comes.


Restraint Is Important For Prolific Achievers


When you have the wind at your back, and everything is going right, that’s the time to back off. Sounds crazy, does it?

“Restraint is the hardest thing in the world, … [yet it is an] important word in the vocabulary of achievers. … [When] you are pushing [yourself or] your team too hard, … you have to pull back … and let everybody rest up.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

When you force yourself to take that time off, that is when you realize how deep you were into it. Everybody needs a break and time to recover; if you keep pushing yourself, you will be exhausted and completely worn-out, sooner or later.


What Dr. Jeff Learned from the Adoption of His Daughter


When I asked Jeff to tell me about the topic that he would like to give a Ted Talk on, he responded with, “It would equivocally be about the adoption of my ten-year-old daughter from Columbia.” He then goes on to tell us what he learned from the adoption:

“You can love anybody, … and you don’t need a special reason … to do it. I also learned that there has to be an inherent trust in every process because you may not have visibility about how you will get from where you are to where you want to go. You may not understand the steps, you may not be able to see down the path very far, but if you can get through each day, then that’s one step closer.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

Jeff’s daughter had a background of abuse and ill-treatment before being formally adopted by him and his wife. It took a lot of relentlessness on their part in helping their daughter, who was suffering from ADHD and PTSD, to heal from her past traumas and to lead a normal life.

That was such an empowering story. It shows us how you can get through even the toughest of problems with the right mindset. This allows you not just to alter your own lives but also to influence the lives of those around you. And never underestimate the possibility of a miracle.

Remember, as athletes, entrepreneurs, or working professionals, or even homemakers, it is crucial to know when to take a break and restrain yourself from pushing yourself to the edge. There is a time for everything — just have faith in yourself, and you will emerge victorious in the end.


Reach Beyond with Dr. Jeff Spencer


Guys, if you consider yourself as high-performers or are ascending towards being one, then you’ll find listening to this full episode with Dr. Jeff Spencer to be incredibly useful. Jeff has been at the top of his game, and through his guidance, many more people have reached the peak of their careers.

It was an empowering experience to have Jeff on this episode today. If you want to learn some of his methods, you can follow Dr. Jeff Spencer on Instagram @dr.jeffspencer, and you can also check out his website and enroll in his coaching.

If this episode helped you in any way, then do take out a few seconds to write a five-star review and share it with some of your friends on Apple Podcasts, I would be grateful. Tag me @kyle-depiesse, and Dr. Jeff Spencer @dr.jeffspencer on Instagram with a screenshot of this episode and your most significant takeaways from it.

And just before we sign off, Jeff and I would like to share a piece of parting advice with you.

“There are seven billion people on the planet right now, but there is only one of [you, and you are] your greatest asset. … When we invest in the cultivation of our ability to make a mark on humanity, that … enriches our life … and also enriches the lives of others.” – Dr. Jeff Spencer

Cheers to your success! I’m rooting for you.

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