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Permission to Pivot with Jenn Kennedy

Permission to Pivot with Jenn Kennedy

What does your gut tell you about your current career path?

Maybe deep down you feel like you want to pursue a new profession, or you feel that you can leave more of a positive impact on people as an entrepreneur. Oftentimes, people have difficulty changing careers because of fear. They’re afraid of failure, afraid of others’ criticism, or afraid to pursue something new. 

If you’re struggling with fear in pursuing a new career, my guest today will help you immensely. She pivoted from being a teacher to a nutritional coach and eventually to a business coach, and her advice for pivoting careers and making a greater impact will change your life! 

Today, I am so happy to have Jenn Kennedy on the Reaching Beyond podcast. Like I said, she has a great deal of experience pivoting careers, and her journey will help you on your way to success! Jenn and I had a great time in our conversation. We covered a range of fascinating and helpful topics, including her journey in shifting careers, how you can make a bigger impact with your business, and how to give yourself permission to pivot in your life. 

Without further ado, let’s get into it! 


Who Is Jenn Kennedy?


Jenn Kennedy is a business coach specializing in training entrepreneurs in leadership, building a positive relationship with money, and developing intuitive strategies. She created her thriving business through her exceptional mindset and her drive to help others and impact their lives. She also hosts the successful podcast The Jenn Kennedy Show, where she gives practical financial and mindset advice for entrepreneurs.

Jenn began her professional career as a teacher, studying education at Michigan State University. After teaching elementary school, she aspired to become a principal, so she continued her education and earned a Master of Education degree and an Education Specialist degree in leadership and administration. She enjoyed teaching in the school system, but she knew that it wasn’t what she was meant to do. After teaching for eight years, she started a business as a nutrition coach. 

Jenn later pivoted again to become an entrepreneur coach and created the Impact to Income Academy, where she helps entrepreneurs to leave a greater impact and make a greater income with their businesses. 

It was such a pleasure interviewing Jenn. Something that I love about Jenn is that she gave herself permission to pivot in her life and didn’t let the opinions’ of others stop her. You’re going to learn so much from this episode, so let’s get started!


Jenn’s Journey Changing Careers


In our interview, Jenn described the process of pivoting careers. She began her business practically by accident when she began helping women at the gym: 

“I stumbled into entrepreneurship. It was not a plan. … I went through kind of like a physical transformation. I lost a lot of weight. I did it the healthy way, [and] I overcame an eating disorder. … I thought I was truly the only one struggling with low self-worth [and] confidence … And so when I realized that it was kind of the norm for women. … I was at the gym and people just kept asking me for help.” – Jenn Kennedy 

Jenn spent more and more of her time helping women lose weight and helping them with their self-esteem. After interacting with a woman struggling with binging and self-hatred, Jenn realized that she needed to start helping women professionally: 

“[I said,] ‘All of these women need help and no one’s helping them. Like why is nobody helping these women?’ And [my husband] just looked at me [with a] straight face … and was just like, ‘Well maybe that’s your job.'” – Jenn Kennedy

Jenn became a certified nutrition coach and began helping women while also remaining a teacher. She eventually became a full-time nutrition coach because she realized that she was making more of an impact helping people with their self-esteem rather than teaching. 

She described how shifting your career and starting a business can be intimidating, but if you never give up, you’ll succeed:

“The only difference between you, who may be listening that like that has a drive to start a business, and somebody who is successful in the business is that they’ve been doing it longer, and they never gave up despite fear.” – Jenn Kennedy

Jenn succeeded in her nutrition business because of her passion for helping people and her ability to never give up when facing adversity. 

Even though shifting careers and starting a business may seem overwhelming, it may be the right path for you if you’re interested in making a greater impact. Jenn had this exact feeling when she decided to pursue her own business:  

“If we have the ability or a drive to help people and solve people’s problems, we have a business … When I realized … I have a passion to help people. I had this gut feeling [and] this drive to help people in a different way. … If you’ve got the gut feeling, do it. It’s so possible.” – Jenn Kennedy

Have you ever had a gut feeling about the direction of your career? Pivoting from your current career to entrepreneurship may be the right decision for you if you can offer people a helpful service that aligns with your values and passion. It may seem scary at first, but you are capable of operating a successful business if you persist through adversity and overcome your fears! 


Making More of an Impact with Your Business


Jenn and I also discussed the different areas in which she helps businesses with her Impact to Income Academy. Jenn observed that many entrepreneurs struggle to make a more significant impact after reaching a certain level of success in their business. She told me the different pillars for business success that she teaches in her 12-week Impact to Income Academy, and I think they’re super helpful for anyone aspiring to become an entrepreneur.

#1. Leadership. People often have difficulty being an effective leader for their company because they lack leadership experience. Jenn pointed out that an effective leader recognizes their strengths and weaknesses and can use them for their company’s advantage:

“[Grow] your leadership in a way where you’re monetizing your strengths, and you’re not working in your weaknesses.” – Jenn Kennedy

Sometimes in business, people fail to utilize their own strengths. If you’re not playing into your strengths, you’re not going to operate with full efficiency. Many people think that if they keep working harder and harder, they’ll get better results, but it’s really about working smarter: 

“It’s working smarter, and it’s getting yourself to be massively effective and efficient in everything that you’re doing, so that not only are you like working in your zone of genius and you’re working less, [but] you’re [also] having more fun.” – Jenn Kennedy

If you work smarter, you’ll run your business more efficiently. It’ll also be a more enjoyable experience because you don’t have to overwork yourself to see better results, and you’re utilizing your natural strengths! For example, maybe one of your strengths is being a persuasive communicator over the phone. You should use your strength to improve your business by making a conscious effort to sell your service or product over the phone rather than through another remote means of communication. 

#2. Building a positive relationship with money. Jenn discussed how people often have difficulty when reaching a new financial level with their business. She defined it as a “money mindset block” and described how many people feel like they shouldn’t be making a lot of money: 

“A lot of us [have an] internal thermostat and blueprint [that] is not set for massive financial success. Everyone’s like, ‘I want a million-dollar business.’… Yet their internal thermostat is like, ‘Yeah, but you’re just like a six-figure person.'” – Jenn Kennedy 

Don’t limit the amount of money that you think you can make. Re-write your narrative around money and determine that you are capable of making much more than what you used to think possible. Here’s how Jenn described the importance of being comfortable with making more money in your business and evaluating how to make more of a profit: 

“We write new money stories, and we really own their worth and own their business finances. [Ask yourself] like, ‘What are your multiple revenue streams? How much money is going to be coming in?'” – Jenn Kennedy

Assess how to make more money and don’t limit the amount of money you think you should be making. 

#3. Developing intuitive strategies. You need to be strategic about growing your business, but it can be tricky to describe how to implement a strategy because it ranges from person to person. Jenn pointed out how everyone has their own unique abilities for their business, so you can’t develop a uniform strategy that’ll work for everyone: 

“Every single one of us has our own set of strengths [and] our own set of skills. And if we’re not leveraging those every day and our strategy of client acquisition, audience acquisition, sales, launching, [and] client retention, then we’re not doing it.” – Jenn Kennedy 

Develop strategies that compliment your skills to improve your business. There are countless brilliant coaches and business gurus that teach strategy, but you need to apply their advice to your own business and to the type of clients that you’re working with. 

“The problem is we’re not taking the things that we’re learning and applying them to ourselves. We’re taking it and saying like, ‘Oh, well it worked for him. So it must work for me.’ So we’re teaching intuitive strategy to really take this [advice] … [And ask] ‘How does that work for me? How does that work in my life? How does that work for my ideal client?’” – Jenn Kennedy

Do you ever find yourself taking in business advice from various sources, but you don’t see improvements to your business? When receiving business advice, ask yourself, “How can I apply this advice in a way that improves my business?” Don’t mindlessly listen to advice without personally applying it in a way that helps your strengths and appeals to your clientele. 


Giving Yourself Permission to Shift Careers


A crucial part of succeeding in entrepreneurship is allowing yourself to pivot career paths despite others’ opinions. When she shifted into nutrition and eventually business coaching, Jenn faced the scrutiny of many who were close to her:

“When I pivoted into nutrition coaching, there were some of my closest friends … in my ear, 24/7 [saying] ‘Do you really think you can do this? Do you really think you know what you’re doing? You don’t have a business degree. You don’t have a business background.’ It was the same thing when I pivoted into business coaching.” – Jenn Kennedy

When you’re changing directions in your life, there will always be those who say that you can’t do it, but you don’t need others’ permission to change directions — you only need your own permission. Rather than giving others the ability to determine your direction, you need to look inwards:

“We as humans have given the power to somebody else to say, ‘Hey, what do you think about this? … Do you think this is a good idea?’… When the reality that the only person that we should be asking permission for is ourselves. It is like looking inward and asking truly, ‘Am I feeling guided to do this?’… I believe we’re guided. I believe whether you believe in God or the universe or whatever it is. … When I have an intuitive feeling or reaction, that’s something that I need to listen to. So that’s all the permission I think I really need.”- Jenn Kennedy 

Don’t let others’ determine your course of action — follow your internal guidance to determine your direction, and if that means changing careers and taking risks, so be it. According to Jen, life rewards the courageous: 

“Life always bends for the courageous. … There’s my permission. Life funds the courageous.” – Jenn Kennedy

Life will reward you for being bold in pursuing the path that you feel guided towards. What path do you feel guided towards? Maybe deep down, you know that your current career isn’t right for you, and your gut tells you to become an entrepreneur or start a business. Follow your internal guidance and give yourself permission to pursue what you feel called to do.


Reach Beyond with Jenn Kennedy


This interview with Jenn Kennedy was enlightening. Jenn has so much wisdom from her time changing careers and building her business, so do yourself a favor and check out the full episode!

Towards the end of our interview, I asked Jenn what subject she would discuss if she gave a TED talk, and she gave a fascinating answer: 

“I’m obsessed with money mindset and with changing your internal money blueprint. I strongly believe that anyone, regardless of where you came from can live in their financial power and heal your relationship with money.” – Jenn Kennedy

Jenn is a master at developing a strong money mindset. I’m sure she would give an exceptional TED talk about not limiting how much money you can make and how to implement strategies to increase your impact and your income. If you want to learn more about money from Jenn, connect with her on Instagram @thejennkennedy and check out her Impact to Income Academy, where she helps business professionals grow their income and their impact.

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Remember, give yourself permission to pivot in your career and follow your internal guidance! Cheers to your success — I’m rooting for you.