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5 Reasons Your Vacation Isn’t Recharging You (like it should)

5 Reasons Your Vacation Isn’t Recharging You (like it should)

My background includes a lot of travel and hospitality experience. In addition, I LOVE to travel, take adventures and vacation! Earlier this week I shared on another platform a few reasons that many people feel like they need a vacation from the vacation they just came home from. I’ll share them here as well as some ideas on how to solve the problem presented

  1. PROBLEM –> There’s no psychological distance from your work while you’re away. Sure, there’s physical distance from work while on vacation, but your mind is still at work. You get an email and you just HAVE to check it. Your phone rings and you HAVE to answer it. Your mind is still at work or in your work and you never can detach from it and get recharged like you should.
    SOLUTION –> “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Find 30 minutes before your adventure and button things up, speak with important team members to make sure there is a plan in the event something comes up. (If you’re a leader, facilitate this for your team members).
  2. PROBLEM –> You’re not allowing for insights and creativity while you’re away.
    SOLUTION –> try something new, something that gets your heart racing a little. This will force you to think a little differently and in so doing may give you new ideas. I’m a little on the adventurous side and like to do things that scare me a little. Scuba, windsurf, surf, helicopter rides, you get the picture. And then WHEN I overcome any level of fear in doing those things, I ask myself “where else is fear showing up in my life?”. This is wonderful resilience training for me and it leads me to new idea generation.
  3. PROBLEM –> There’s too much on your agenda.
    SOLUTION –> leave some space for the MAGIC! I can’t tell you how many times I intentionally schedule nothing for a day while I’m gone and I allow time for “going with the flow”. I meet someone new and they know someone who knows someone and before I know it, I’m off on a fun new adventure I never knew possible. That would not have happened if I had every hour scheduled.
  4. PROBLEM –> the timing of your getaway isn’t aligned with your work-life rhythm.
    SOLUTION –> identify where in your work schedule things get crazy, your busy season, and then schedule time away right after it. Like celebrating a milestone, you should have a few of these a year. Think of all the other categories of life that will suffer a bit during your “busy season” and this time should be used to bring those back to levels you’re comfortable with. Recast vision for the next period of work.
  5. PROBLEM –> your vacation is used as an escape from your reality. SOLUTION –> change your reality. This one might sting a little. Sorry! But this is why we go to the all inclusive resort and sit at the swim up bar all day for 7 days in a row! We’re trying to mask the real problem and that is we aren’t fulfilled in what we’re doing. The best way to do this is get some coaching and design a life that brings you more fulfillment. Bring your lifestyle with you when you vacation, don’t run from it.

I’m guilty of violating all of these too. But with some better awareness I’m more equipped to design time away that allows for maximum recharging and I hope you can take some value from this too.

Your partner in fulfillment,

Kyle Depiesse