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The 10 Year Itch

The 10 Year Itch

As I’ve been having conversations about the topic of burnout, there’s a few common themes I thought I’d share.

10 years into a career there seems to be something that stirs up inside us. A shift. As we realize promotions, titles and accolades it might feel a little empty. We wonder …” is this it?”

The shift is from focusing on inner success to outward impact. Success, however we define it, if not coupled with making a meaningful impact on the greater good of others will leave us contemplating whether or not we keep doing what we’re doing or we do something different.

And then some choose to pivot. Start a business. Get involved with a non profit. Take a sabbatical. Look for another job or company.

There’s something to that 10 year mark (give or take a few). I can’t put my finger on it. But that’s when it hit me and a few dozen others I’ve connected with.

Have you gone through this? Or maybe wrestling with it now? Maybe it was 15, or 20 years into your career. Either way, lets connect I’d love to hear your story!

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