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Moment of Clarity…I need back surgery :(

Moment of Clarity…I need back surgery :(

Here’s something you might not have known about me. I had back surgery in 2002.

Just typing that makes me feel old.

I played club volleyball for UW Green Bay for 3 years. And my senior year I had to sit out with a herniated disc, 2 bulging discs and a pinched sciatic nerve. I tried a mitful of treatments to heal the problem. Nothing worked.

I didn’t want to have surgery. The sound of back surgery at age 22 didn’t sound very appealing. But I knew I had to when I realized (gained clarity) that my back issue was no longer just a back issue. And I had to make a change.

My body was trying to adjust to the pain I was constantly feeling in my back. So my posture was soon off, putting pressure on other areas of my body as well. Hips, shoulders, neck, blah blah. It all hurt.

This happens in life too, doesn’t it?

When one area of life gets out of alignment it will quickly affect others. We spend so much time at work. Then we work when we’re at home. We’re constantly available. Soon all the long hours catch up. You come home exhausted and stressed and how do you treat your spouse? How do you treat your kids?

I can speak directly to this because this was me. About 5 years ago I had this clarity. I was 13 years into my professional career that brought me no fulfillment, but plenty of hours and stress. As a result I was not the husband I committed to being. Not the friend I was committed to being. And my health was suffering as I didn’t make time for the gym. Or for eating healthy. Alcohol would soon become more of a go to for me when I came home from work.

Slippery slope.

This was my moment of clarity. I wasn’t fulfilled at work and it was affecting all the other areas of my life. And things were spiraling out of control!

Can you relate?

I think it’s human nature to not change until we HAVE to change. Often times that looks like rock bottom. That was me.

Good news is that I think you can manufacture those moments of clarity, but it will take intentionality and you’ll need to invest in yourself. You’ll also need to give yourself space and grace to figure it out.

Here are a two ingredients that I think will help as you try to manufacture moments of clarity to help you move forward:

  1. Disrupt your normal pattern and your daily scenery. GET AWAY! Not just to Mexico to an all-inclusive resort and over indulge on drinks and food. Go to a place of beauty, solitude, nature, you get the idea. Evoke ALL the senses. Start with carving out an afternoon. Work your way up to a couple days. You’ll notice different things when you can quiet things down and be still!
  2. Get around a community of people that are also reaching for more fulfillment in ALL areas of life. Not the ones that are sacrificing everything to make it to the top of the corporate ladder the quickest. Ask questions, listen, be vulnerable in conversations with trusted community.
  3. Feel like you’re about to burn out? Or maybe you already are? OR maybe you are ahead of the curve and want to learn more about how to prevent it? Feel free to join my community and I’ll send tips, updates, resources and opportunities to help you jump into action!